The 5x5 Curse was a curse that was placed on an ancestor of Jordan Chase by Florence. The curse focuses on the male members of the Chase family, ensuring that they die before they reach their 26th birthday. One hundred and thirty-two years later it was broken by Jordan.


In "When Sparks Fly", while holding Jordan Chase's family ring, Maggie Vera began to have visions of the future involving Jordan being in danger or getting hurt.

In "Past is Present", Maggie stole Jordan's sport wristband containing his sweat residue as required for a spell that would reveal what type of magic was present in him. It revealed that he was cursed by the dying breath of a witch. Later, after Harry Greenwood cloned Jordan's family ring and stole the original, Macy Vaughn performed a spell to reveal the most significant moment of the ring's history. It revealed that Lawrence Mortimer Chase, also known as the Witchfinder General and an ancestor of Jordan's, was cursed by Florence after sentencing her to death. The curse seemingly caused all the males in Chase's family to pass away before their 26th birthday.

In "The Rules of Engagement", Maggie Vera saw an extended version of her past vision and realized that her distraught ex-fiance Parker Caine, who would come to kill Jordan Chase. She decided to save Jordan.
Jordan was angry when he saw that Parker was abusing Maggie. He tried to protect her from Parker, but he, having a demonic advantage, threw Jordan into the wall, causing him to lose consciousness and possibly get a concussion. Later, Maggie managed to save Jordan, preventing the fatal outcome of the curse this time.

In "Curse Words", while at Jordan's 26th birthday party, Maggie began to wonder if Jordan could still be cursed. Soon, Maggie had a vision of a neon sign falling on top of Jordan and killing him. She was able to prevent this from happening by tackling Jordan and knocking him out of the way just before the sign fell. When asked about his immediate family by Maggie, Jordan revealed that his paternal grandpa died in the Vietnam War, his father had an brain aneurysm and his uncle died in a car crash all before the age of 26. Soon after, Maggie is greeted by the vengeful ghost of Florence who plans to kill Jordan herself as Maggie had thwarted the curse long enough. Maggie is then able to trap Florence's ghost in a mirror, but the ghost is eventually able to bust her way out.

Florence then possesses the SafeSpace, Seattle employee, Swan, and uses her to go after Jordan. Florence/Swan is subdued by Maggie and she and Jordan escaped into the room that leads to the Command Center. However, the possessed Swan is eventually able to break in, causing Maggie to reveal the door to the Command Center and escape with Jordan inside. Maggie is then forced to reveal that her and her sisters are witches.

Eventually, Jordan decided to return the ring that had been stolen from her by Lawrence so long ago, and this act and the words of Maggie were able to calm her anger. She left Swan's body and was able to rest in peace. Before Florence moved on to the afterlife, she gave Maggie a hint for Jordan so that he could free his family from the curse.

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", Jordan continues to search for a way to break the curse, because despite the fact that death no longer threatens him, all future generations of men in his family are still in danger.

In "Sudden Death", Abigael tells Jordan that the descendants of those burned witches are alive, and if he helps them, he might be able to properly break the curse.

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", Jordan falls into a death-like trance and encounters Florence's spirit. He asks her about Abigael's idea, which she confirms is correct, but will also be dangerous. She then imparts a riddle: Many were lost, few can be found. And those who remain can be unbound. For where sisters lurk, danger resounds. The trio of dark and light shall be found.

In "No Hablo Brujeria", Macy and inadvertently Jordan are spelled into a magical dimension focusing on Jordan's repressed thoughts and memories by Josefina Reyes. Jordan's curse collides with the spell's magic and it begins to become destabilized. Eventually, Jordan sees Lawrence Mortimer Chase and chases after him to the auditorium of his old high school. There, after revealing his frustrations, Lawrence and Florence appear. Florence begs Jordan to save her. Jordan immediately fights his ancestor and eventually comes out victorious, but refuses to kill him at Florence's urging. Florence whispers her release of the Chase family's curse, which is proven true when Macy finds herself no longer repelled by him.


No matter how long your seed may strive,
it shall never take hold nor stay alive,
cursed to wither five by five.
I curse you, Lawrence Mortimer Chase!


  • Jordan Chase is the only man in 130 years who has been able to survive this curse.
  • In the original series, there is a similar curse - To Kill An Evil Witch, which is meant to kill an evil witch and curse her future incarnations to the same fate so that they die the same date at the exact same age, regardless if they were good or evil.



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