Abigael Jameson-Caine is the half demon, half witch daughter of the powerful demon Alastor and the witch Francesca Jameson. She is the paternal half-sister of the shapeshifting demon Hunter Caine and former half-demon Parker Caine, and the older maternal half-sister of Waverly Jameson. Abigael was brought into the lives of the Charmed Ones when she was rescued by Macy Vaughn from a group of demons.

She currently holds the role of "Demon Overlord", using it to instill fear in demons. She believes it is her job as Overlord to unite the demon world by ending war between all of the demon bloodlines. Parker briefly took this alias from his sister with the hope of ending the war between demons and witches. Abigael, on the other hand, believed Parker to be weak, unworthy and under the control of Maggie Vera, leading her to taking back the title from him.

Later, Godric staged a coup and Abigael, having lost control of the demons, was forced to hide. However, through unknown means, she eventually reclaimed the title.


Early Life

Abigael was born to the powerful demon Alistair Caine and Francesca Jameson, a witch. She said that her father did not much care for her since she was a female, and she was raised by her mother in Sussex. When she was thirteen years old, she reached out to her father since she was curious about him and her demonic side. Alistair sent assassins with the ability to kill anyone that they touch after her which left a negative impact on Abigael, who survived the ordeal.[1]

Francesca had tried to prevent her daughter from going to the demons, going as far as oppressing Abigael with witchcraft and forcibly stripping her of her demon form, leaving a bitter taste in Abigael for the practice, and a resentment for her mother in particular and witches in general. While she was still young though Abigael enjoyed using witchcraft to play pranks on her mother, such as a Blinding Spell.[3]

When Abigael was 13, Francesca gave birth to another daughter, Waverly, by an unknown man. She wouldn't let her eldest daughter touch the baby, but when Waverly was three, Abigael still snuck into Waverly's room and almost burned her alive. Later, Francesca turned to the Elders to rid her elder daughter of her demonic side, and when Abigael found out about it, she trapped her mother and little sister into the house and almost burned them alive.[4] Somehow, Francesca managed to save herself and Waverly, and she also managed to rid Abigael of her demonic form and imprison that darkness in a totem.[5] After that, 16-year-old Abigael was permanently banished from their home and lost contact with her mother and sister.[6]

Throughout the Series

In "Careful What You Witch For", knowing that the Charmed ones are still alive, Abigael fakes being in distress which works when Macy gets a ping from San Francisco and goes to rescue Abigael, not knowing the whole thing is a setup. Macy takes her to the Command Center blindfolded as she cannot risk her sisters' safety (As Macy doesn't know that Abigael knows she is an Charmed One) or Abigael's safety seeing as she's newly recused from demons. While still blindfolded Maggie comes in and asks Macy for suggestions to keep The Command Center. Abby offers her input which Maggie takes. Later on Macy opens up an portal for Abby to go home, but she tries to kill Macy. They engaged in an short fight until Abigael recognizes Macy's scar from the Darklighter saying she has encounter him too.

In "Deconstructing Harry", Macy doesn't trust Abigael especially learning that's she half demon which forces Abigael to tell Macy and Mel that her demon father was no other than Alastor, but presses on the fact on what she told Macy before about being raised by an single mom in Sussex was true.

In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", Abigael helps Harry sort through his human memories which he hopes will be the key in finding his Darklighter who has taken Macy.

In "When Sparks Fly", she's mentioned when Macy offered Harry Greenwood's Darklighter a deal to take Abigael away for his unknown master in exchange for him leaving Macy and her sisters alone.

In "Past is Present", Abigael is seen having a threesome with two women — both of which are named Susan — when they are interrupted by the arrival of Maggie, Harry and Macy. Abigael takes Maggie to see her ex-boyfriend Parker. When Parker sees Abigael, he proceeds to hold her at chokepoint, in retaliation for her seemingly trying to kill him. Abigael is believed to have killed the Dryads and taken the immunity granting fruits from the hallowed tree in Sacred Grove, and is originally sentenced to death for it, but in the end her powers and immortality are seemingly stripped by Parker as punishment. However, it is revealed she is working with the demon Godric, who actually stole the fruits. Abigael is shown to have eaten a piece of the fruit which made her immune to the effects of the truth serum that Parker and Maggie had given her earlier and had in fact retained her powers. She teams up with Godric to take down Parker at any cost.

In "The Rules of Engagement", Abigael manipulates The Charmed Ones and is successful in stopping Parker and Maggie's wedding making Maggie think Parker has become unhinged ever since he went to find himself. She also fakes his death and is holding him prisoner inside his dungeon taking back her reign as Demon Overlord making the Charmed ones think she's an ally with Macy being an secret exempt as revealed in Abigael's next appearance although it's possibly due to Macy catching Abby kissing an unsuspected Harry.

In "Curse Words", desperate to spend more time with Harry, Abigael fakes an assassination attempt which Macy immediately suspects is faked. Macy is proven right, but the damage is already done as all Abigael wanted to do was distance the relationship between Harry and Macy.

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", after Harry contracts a demonic illness, he asks Mel to call Abigael for help. Abigael states that Harry has a Malignant parasite, but she knows an antidote that can destroy it. Macy does not trust her, especially when Abigeal reveals that if there is no parasite, the antidote will kill him. While Macy tries to ask Julian Shea for help, Abigeal proceeds to make the antidote after Harry attempted to attack Mel. Before Macy and Mel can try and see for definite if Harry has the parasite, they are called away by Maggie, and Abigael uses the opportunity to finish and inject the antidote into Harry. Mel and Macy come back to Abigael's apartment just as she finished injecting the antidote, which works and cures Harry of the parasite. Still distrustful, Macy and Mel leave with Harry, who thanks Abigael before he leaves.

In "Needs to Know", Abigael invites Harry to dinner in her penthouse. She created a romantic atmosphere and gave him a massage. Having been inside his head, she knows he is in love with Macy and tries to use his feelings to manipulate him by telling him that Macy isn't fulfilling his needs. Harry continues to discourage her because she is half-demon, but Abigael isn't easily dissuaded and continues her seductions hoping to break him. Their evening was interrupted by a mysterious SOS call from Helen McGantry, and Harry rushed to her aid. Left alone, Abigael set fire to his plate of food in anger.
That same evening, Abigael is approached by Macy who wants help in removing her demonic powers - in hopes that this will aid in restoring the Power of Three. She escorts Macy down to the dungeon, revealing that Parker is alive as he is the only being that knows where the ritual dagger is that is needed. Abigael threatens Parker, even telekinetically flinging him up against the ceiling of his cell, before Macy says that she will speak with him.
After having obtained the knife, Abigael performs the demonic ritual to strip Macy of her demon powers. She later returns to the dungeon, showing Parker that she had not only stripped Macy of her demonic powers but that she had stolen them for herself.

In "Breaking the Cycle", Harry turns to Abigael for help in locating his Darklighter after he was told to travel to a town in Maine. Fearing that his Darklighter would be too far gone and dangerous, he recruits Abigael to kill him in case something happens. Abigael demands that they spend one night together afterwards.

They find all the locals had been supernaturally frozen by a young witch named Cassie. A group of the Faction arrives to capture Cassie again. Abigael fights them off and burns them all to ashes, much to Harry and Cassie's dismay.

Since they did not find the Darklighter, Abigael reluctantly releases Harry from their deal.

In "Sudden Death", Maggie and Jordan go to Abigael's apartment. While Jordan asks Abigael about the 5x5 Curse on his family, Maggie sneaks off to find the Ritual Dagger. Abigael tells him about the descendants of the witches whom his ancestor executed, and if he were to help them, justice would be balanced and the curse would be broken. Abigael realizes Jordan was a distraction, so she threatens him. She finds Maggie in the subterranean dungeon with Parker. Maggie accuses her of doing something to Macy when she took her demonic powers. Abigael laughs it off before handing over the dagger to prove that she did nothing but take her powers.

In "Third Time's the Charm", Abigael appears in Macy's dream induced by Celeste's spell. In the dream, she is married to Harry and has two daughters. She claims to have given up her demonic powers and replaced Macy in the sisterhood, to Macy's annoyance. Macy and Abigael break into a fight which results in the former realizing she hadn't given up her demonic powers. Macy chases Abigael downstairs where the latter flings a knife at her; she catches the knife with telekinesis and flings it back at her, only to kill Maggie instead. Abigael catches Maggie and yells at Macy for killing her "sister".

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", Macy, Mel and Maggie vanquish an influential demon, causing a rupture in the treaty between demons and witches. They confront Abigael at her apartment. Macy, Mel and Abigael are willing to start a war, but Maggie persuades them to fix the rift politically. Abigael decides to turn to a female demon of the same clan and convince her to take Alfred's place. The treaty was halfway through when Parker and Godric interrupt them. By exposing Parker's living state, all the clans lose faith in Abigael and strip her off her authority.

Abigael and Mel are then captured while Parker escapes with Macy and Maggie. The two succeed in escaping the cage, but Godric catches them before they could leave the building. They are both taken to a secret sanctuary where they are to be executed by Godric, who in turn would simultaneously become the new Overlord and destroy the Power of Three. Parker, Macy and Maggie infiltrate the sanctuary and save Mel and Abigael.

Parker later offers Abigael his powers in order to become full human. Abigael fulfills his wish. She later has a short conversation with Mel at SafeSpace before leaving.

In "Search Party", the Charmed Ones contact Abigael for help in finding Harry after he went missing. Abigael lends them her potion book and transfer handbags, hoping to receive asylum in return. Abigael and Mel provide the potions while Macy, Maggie and Jordan infiltrate the secret laboratory in the Shea Group.

Realizing that finding Harry wouldn't be easy, Mel and Abigael sneak back into the latter's old apartment to find the magic detector. Abigael refuses to cast a locator spell, showing dislike of witchcraft. Mel cannot understand her dislike and brings up her mother, angering Abigael. She tells her of how her mother hated her demon side and constantly tried to strip her of her demon half, which was a reminder that something within her was hateful.

Mel admits to being too judgy and that her own mother wasn't as perfect as Abigael might have thought. They find the magic detector and escape the demons now living in the condo. They then send the detector to Macy, who uses it to find Harry. Abigael and Mel then go to the Command Center, just as Macy opens a portal and throws the tank containing Harry through. Abigael catches the tank in reflex.

In "An Inconvenient Truth", Abigael is seen helping Jordan save a witch who was trapped in a painting and, in exchange for her help, she asks him to get a message to her sister.

In "Someone's Going to Die", she is mentioned by Jordan when he was telling Maggie where he was.

In "Triage", in order to save the magical world from dying, the sisters had to find the pieces of the Source since they hid the various pieces of Macy's pendant somewhere in the world. They needed Abigael to do a demon mind meld to figure out where they hid the pieces. Later on, she is seen in her apartment reading a letter from her sister given to her by Jordan, then she gets really mad once she reads that her sister and mother wants nothing to do with her.

In "Private Enemy No. 1", Abigail is revealed to have taken back the role of Demon OverLord and kills two of her underlings when they're arguing mutual sexual escapade getting tired of their machismo argument she flings them on the street below with her powers. After ordering her other underlings to clean that up She goes to bed and is attacked by unseen force. The next day Abby asks Mel to watch her sleep because she thinks a demon is trying to kill her in her sleep, and Mel reluctantly agrees. Abby’s bed catches on fire while Mel is watching her, but she misses how it happened. Later in the night, Ruby knocks on Mel’s door, and Abby interrupts them while they are talking. Ruby gets upset that Abby is with Mel. Mel thinks Abby did this on purpose and is angry at her and says she can stay one night but then has to leave. They later discover Abigail turning into a demon and trying to harm herself leaving Abigael shocked.

In "O, The Tangled Web", Abigael called Jordan over to her apartment, under the pretense of signing some legal documents, in order to question him over what happened when he received the totem from Waverly. Because Abigael's demon form, which had been bound into the totem, was continuously trying to kill her in her sleep, Abigael was certain that Waverly had cursed it, but needed to know what type of curse it was in order to dispel it. In order to do so, Abigael wanted to use a demon mind-meld on Jordan to see what had happened, despite Jordan's insistence that he never saw Waverly. After being interrupted by Mel, believing Abigael was behind an attack on a witch, only to discover it was someone else. Jordan relented and allowed Abigael to delve into his mind and find out what happened. But, to Abigael's dismay, she found that Jordan was right - Waverly hadn't cursed the totem, meaning Abigael's self-harming was being caused by herself which factored in Abby making the choice to get rid of her demonic self harming self.

In "No Hablo Brujeria", TBA

In "Witchful Thinking", TBA

In "Spectral Healing", TBA

In "Chaos Theory", Abigael was put on trail for her crimes so that Jordan could be taken out of the tomb. The whole trail, the Charmed Ones tried to defend her. Abigael kept trying to destroy the trail up until when Maggie put a truth potion in her wine. Abigael admitted to caring about all the Charmed Ones and Harry. When asked about why she saved Mel so many times, Abigael said, “ Because I care deeply about her and if there any chance that she may feel the same way about me, I have to fight my worst instincts and try to be the person she thinks I could be”. Mel reacts with confusion until after the trail is won. Mel and Abigael share a drink together whilst they do they have a brief conversation, in which, Mel admits Abby isn't irredeemable and pushes Abby to try and fix her past mistakes. After this conversation they smile at each other before Abigael leaves and goes to talk to Macy about how she’s going to give Macy her demons powers back.

In "Perfecti Is the Enemy of Good", Maggie takes on Abiegale's form to visit Fenric the Vile after Macy deems the real Abigael too much of an wild card to help get the magical password to activate an Golem. Maggie face times Abigael who is amused at the youngest Charmed One has taken her form, but then learns that the reason why is because Maggie is impersonating her to get something from Fenric to save Mel's life from the Perfecti. Abigael advises Maggie to not Fenric see through her ruse or eles she's going get killed by him. Maggie takes Abigeal's advice and succeeds with it. Still in Abiegale's form Maggie uses it fool the Perfecti that Macy died protecting her from The Golem to trap them in the Tomb Of Chaos.


Abigael's status as a female, and subsequent dismissal from her father, led to her developing a hard distaste to the demonic side of her family. However, she does not think highly of witches either, seeing their methods of accessing magic, particularly potions, to be weak, and was defensive about the Charmed Ones vanquishing demons, even referring to it as "murder." Abigael's distaste for witches stems from her mother, as Francesca Jameson did everything she could to purge Abigael of her demonic tendencies, which included oppressing her in witchcraft, before casting her out when she failed, leaving Abigael bitter and resentful.

On the other hand, Abigael is capable of doing what is necessary, such as work with Mel, Macy, and Maggie in order to track down Harry's Darklighter, and was willing to vanquish the Kyon Queen in order to escape. She also would use witchcraft if the need arises, such as when needing to escape her old apartment after carnals had overrun it.

She is a cruel manipulator, mercilessly using others to further her own goals, while also making sure she remains in charge of a situation, or making it seem she is not in charge in order to orchestrate a situation to her benefit. She has no remorse and is willing to do anything to achieve her goals. For example, she destroyed the relationship of Maggie and Parker for the sake of taking back the role of "Demon Overlord".

She likes to mock her rivals for fun at times, such as taunting her half-brother over his failed attempt to unite the demon world.

Despite her violent nature, it seems that Abigael is developing romantic feelings for Harry Greenwood and is ready to accept him for what he is. She also clearly misses her mother on some level, telling Mel she lost her, and kept her mother's potion book, calling it one of her favorites. She is also capable of being kind, such as when she calmly explained to a young witch that survival instincts tend to kick in and show what they are capable of in dangerous situations, and seemed upset when she realized the girl was scared of her.

Physical Appearance

In her human form, Abigael is a white female with shoulder-length, brunette hair. She appears to be in her mid to late twenties.

In her demonic form, she has a bald skull with horns, tan skin, glowing white eyes, and sharp fangs instead of regular teeth.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
Active Powers
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects and people with one’s mind. This power comes from her witch side. Abigael seems very proficient with this ability, as she was able to completely stop a demon with pure telekinetic force and sling him backwards. She was also able to pin Parker up to the ceiling of his cell in the dungeon by sending a telekinetic force up through the cell.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and control fire with one's mind, which is usually channeled through the hands. Initially, Abigael channeled this ability through her telekinesis and could only move existing sources of fire while also able to create fireballs. After taking Macy's power for herself in "Needs to Know", it is shown that she can now create fire and that her pyrokinetic abilities are greatly advanced, as she was able to completely destroy an entire wall with a burst of flame. In "Breaking the Cycle", she displayed this ability further and used it to incinerate a group of hunters.
  • Mind Melding: The ability to meld one's mind with another being's in order to access the other's subconscious. This power stems from her demon side.
  • Smoking: The ability to teleport through smoke. This power comes from her demon side.
  • Shapeshifting (limited): The ability to alter one's physical form. Abigael can shift between her human form and demon form. However, having been stripped of her demon form as a child by her mother, and recently reclaiming it, she possesses little control over it.
Passive Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to live a potentially eternal life. Abigael was stated to be immortal.
    • Enhanced Durability: The ability to withstand otherwise lethal injuries. Abigael was merely temporarily weakened by the Assassin's poison, which is lethal to mortals and witches, and can significantly weaken a Whitelighter.
  • Immunity: Being a half-witch, Abigael is inherently immune to certain magical abilities (e.g. the Sirens' songs and pixie dust).


  • Magic: Despite being a powerful demon-witch, Abigael was still susceptible to magical harm, evident to when Godric immobilized her with Heat Generation.



  • Abigael and Alastor: A hostile father-daughter relationship. Abigael did not have a good relationship with her father, because he cast her out for being female, and sent assassins after her when she tried to reach out to him. She resented Alastair for his view in patriarchy. However, she still held a grudge against the Charmed Ones for having vanquished him, even going as far as to call it murder.
  • Abigael and Hunter Caine: The exact relationship between the two half-siblings is still unknown. It's not made clear whether Hunter shared their father's patriarchal views or whether he even knew of his half-sister's existence. The reasons for Abigael's resentment against him are also still unknown, though it is possible that they stem back to their father. Still, she didn't think he was pathetic and weak. Besides, Abigael still held a grudge against the Charmed Ones for having vanquished Hunter, even going as far as to call it murder.
  • Abigael and Parker Caine: She resented Parker because their father had chosen to make him the Source instead of her. Abigael despises her half-brother and considers him a pathetic and weak member of their family. It seems that she even tends to subconsciously deny their family connection, since even knowing of Parker's existence she called herself as sister for only Hunter during her first short story about her family. In "Past is Present", she holds resentment over him for taking the position as the Demon Overlord from her, expressing a desire to bring Parker down at any cost. In "The Rules of Engagement", she takes the desirable title from her half-brother and leaves him in the dungeon where he previously kept her. When Parker was freed by Godric, but later helped her escape the power-hungry demon himself, in "The Enemy of My Frenemy", Parker requested that Abigael strip his powers, which Abigael granted.
  • Abigael and Francesca Jameson: Abigael's relationship with her mother is not fully known. However, she clearly misses her, as when Mel asked who she was while reading her potion book, Abigael softly replied she was her mother, and when Mel spoke about forgetting Abigael was half-witch, Abigael again quietly stated she was one "who lost her mother". Abigael also kept Francesca's potion book, calling it one of her favorites, despite her dismissal of potions. However, Abigael also later revealed that she resents her mother, as Francesca did not like her daughter's demonic half, and kept oppressing her with witchcraft, which left Abigael with a disdain for witches, and the knowledge that her mother hated a part of her; this didn’t stop her from playing pranks on her mother using witchcraft, however.
  • Abigael and Waverly Jameson: They both have a hostile relationship. In her early childhood, Waverly was the victim of at least two arson attacks by her older half-sister. The first time was accidental, leaving a scar on her skin. The second case was a real attempt in which Waverly and their mother were almost burned alive. All this turned out to be a childhood trauma for her and the beginning of hatred for Abigael. It is not known if the sisters met again after Abigael's exile, but, in 2021, she sent Jordan Chase to Waverly for a demonic totem. She agreed to give it away, but also gave a letter asking Abigael never to contact her and their mother again, as they do not want to have anything to do with her. It is not known if Abigael ever apologized to her sister for their traumatic past, but regardless of that, Waverly is adamant that whatever her sister did, she deserves to be imprisoned for eternity.

Romantic Life

  • Abigael and Harry Greenwood: In "Past is Present", Abigael makes a couple advances at Harry and later, while pretending to be under the effect of the truth serum, she admits to Maggie that she's attracted to him and wishes to corrupt him in a sexual way. Abigael also noted that the times when she helped the Charmed Ones also had the benefit of painting her in a good light in Harry's eyes, which helped her further in advancing on him.
  • Abigael and the two Susans: In "Past is Present", Abigael is shown engaged in a threesome with these two women before being interrupted by the arrival of Macy, Maggie and Harry.
  • Abigael and Mel Vera: In "Chaos Theory", Abigael admits she "cares deeply" for Mel whilst on trail by the Perfecti.



  • Abigael is the only one out of her siblings to use pyrokinesis, which was one of her father's signature powers. However, she didn't inherit it from Alastor, and instead mainly resorted to channelling it via her telekinetic powers, before eventually stealing the power from Macy Vaughn.
  • Abigael tried to kill Macy at the end of Careful What You Witch For and in the following episode, Mel called her "Abby". Ironically, there was a psychotic mortal in the original show named Abbey, who tried to kill Prue to replace her, because she was jealous of her life.
  • Abigael mentioned being poisoned by Jimmy and was able to heal herself somehow. This theorizes she was capable of removing poison from her system.
  • Interestingly, Abigael is the first demon-witch to ever be born into either Charmed series. In the original series, Phoebe became pregnant with Cole's half-demon half-witch son not long after they married, leading Cole to become The Source and Phoebe as his Queen. However, the unborn child acted on its demon powers causing Phoebe to lose control on several occasions. The child also hated his Aunt Paige because of her hatred for Cole. The child was later stolen from Phoebe's womb by The Seer who wanted to carry the Source's child and use its power to become the Source herself. However, she became overwhelmed by the child's powers and was vanquished, meaning the child died with her, from which Phoebe was devastated.
  • It is revealed in Past is Present that Abigael may identify as pansexual or bisexual, as she was seen having a threesome with two women, both of whom were named Susan. Interesting enough, one of her "comrade playthings," as she referred to them, that were killed by Harry's Darklighter in Deconstructing Harry was a woman as well. She has also expressed a not-so-secret desire to "corrupt Harry in a sexual way" and had a male "comrade plaything" who was killed by Harry's Darklighter, indicating she is also attracted to men, at least sexually.
    • It has also been implied heavily that Abigael is a very sexual person, who is seemingly obsessed with BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominant/submissive, sado-masochism) and tantric sex, based on her own comments and scenes of her life outside of the Charmed Ones' captivity.



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