Advanced Telekinesis, as its title states, is an extremely powerful and advanced form of the power to move objects or individuals with one's mind.


Advanced telekinetics are able to perform feats that are far greater than those who possess only the basic form of telekinesis, such as moving multiple objects all at once, causing rooms to violently shake and the ability can also be used to generate a blast of telekinetic energy, capable of hurling objects back with extreme force.

Those with advanced telekinesis might also be able to produce a field of telekinetic energy that can immobilize beings. This application seems to be based solely on concentration and force, with it being possible for users to not be able to hold their targets for very long.


Macy Vaughn

Macy as "The Source"

In "The Source Awakens", TBA

Losing and Restoring Her Powers

After being placed into "witchness protection" in "Safe Space", Macy was stripped of her aura which caused her to lose her telekinetic powers. Eventually, she was able to restore her telekinesis drinking from a chalice filled with pure black amber in "Breaking the Cycle". However, when her telekinetic powers were restored, they were advanced as well and she was able to move all the leaves in the room, stimulating even the air molecules to create a circular motion of all the tree leaves.

In "Sudden Death", Macy's control was shown to have grown a bit rusty, as when she tried to summon a bowl of sage from the porch, she accidentally sent several objects flying at her that were a considerable distance away from her in the house. Luckily, her sister, Maggie Vera, with the power of foresight, was there to save her from death. It appears that, now that her telekinetic abilities are in their advanced form, Macy can move objects a great distance away from her.

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", Maggie and Macy showed up at a demonic rally under the presence of the Cloaking Serum to untie Mel Vera and Abigael Jameson-Caine, but when the serum lost its effect, the crowd of demons became chaotic and rushed towards them. Not realizing what she was doing, Macy held up her hands and sent out a barrier which immobilized the demons and Godric long enough for her, her sisters, Parker Caine, and Abigael to escape.
As a result of her advanced form of telekinesis, Macy is now able to project a field of telekinetic energy that can immobilize beings. Macy's power can effectively immobilize large crowds of people, but she had stated the concern that she did not think that she could hold them for very long.

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  • It is presumably possible that a being with the power of telekinesis can expand to this advanced version. However, it is unclear if this can occur naturally. In Macy's case, it happened after she consumed black amber, a supernatural substance capable of awakening and augmenting the powers of magical beings, which reawakened and greatly advanced her power.



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