The Akkadian Smokescreen is a spell that is used for witness protection. Once cast, the spell conceals a person from someone who is targeting them.


The Akkadian Smokescreen can be used to conceal a person from a magical being, such as a demon, without having to cut ties from them.


In "Touched by a Demon", Jada Shields revealed that Mel Vera could have used this spell to keep Niko Hamada safe from Hunter Caine instead of rewriting history. This enraged Mel that the Elders would have kept this from her.

Charity Callahan hid for her life in the Gardens of Latebra in "Red Rain". When found by Harry Greenwood and Maggie Vera, she is shown to be in the process of gathering ingredients to complete the Akkadian Smokescreen. Harry had Mel use her power to speed up the growth cycle of a plant that contained a key ingredient to the Smokescreen, which would normally take years to bloom. When they are disrupted by Parker Caine, Harry orbed with Charity to the Vortex Viribus to complete the growth process. However, they were interrupted by Charity's younger sister, Fiona Callahan, who then killed Charity before the spell could be cast.


  • The complete effect of this spell is currently unknown, as it has never successfully been cast.
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