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An Inconvenient Truth is the first episode of the third season of Charmed and the forty-second episode of the series overall. It premiered on January 24, 2021.


SEASON PREMIERE – The Charmed Ones' (Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock and Sarah Jeffery) lives are in jeopardy as The Faction closes in. Macy and Harry (Rupert Evans) struggle to define their relationship.


The sisters see Julian's video to the public. He is offering a reward for Macy. The sisters talk about their options. Macy wants to use the Clarion potion. Harry tells her no. They are desperate. The potion will be used to infect Julian’s mind with the thought that magic isn’t real. It will then be spread.

Macy and Harry work on the potion while Maggie and Mel ask Harry’s evil doppelgänger Jimmy what they can do to win against Julian. Macy and Harry realize they need a siren’s tongue. They head out to find one. Harry knows where to go. He brings them to Ragnor Row, a place where anything magical is available and for sale.

Mel is annoyed Jimmy won't break. She has had it. They live in this bubble and make all the sacrifices. Maggie tells her not to do anything rash and then she suddenly changes. She is all smiles. Something happened.

Harry and Macy get duped by a man promising them what they need while Jordan learns he needs to save a Tulipe witch or there will be consequences.

Jordan heads to Abigael for help. Meanwhile, Harry and Macy search for the man, Harry admits that he was talking to Maggie about their love. He tells Macy they cannot take a chance by having a romantic relationship.

While Mel acts all giddy, Maggie has a thought. She and Mel tell Jimmy they can give him hope and release him for his help. Macy gets what they need when they find the man. She doesn’t use magic but punches him in the face. They arrive home and make the potion. It works.

Macy calls Julian. At the same time, Jimmy grabs him. Macy takes him into a room with a potion. He asks her if they were ever real. Jordan finds the witch he needs to save in a picture. He and Abigael grab it and run.

Julian tells Macy that Viv told him his sister was saved by black amber. Macy needs to prove this is a lie. She takes Harry with her. He wants to go back to the house and return to their original plan. She cannot, she tells him.

Abigael and Jordan release the witch from the painting. Mel and Maggie give Jimmy the potion to hold up their end of the bargain. Meanwhile, men surround the room where Macy and Harry are. She grabs what she needs for proof and shows Julian moments later. He agrees to help. He cannot believe Viv is the monster.

Jimmy wakes on a park bench in England. He tells an officer he is a good man. The officer instantly believes him, thanks to the potion and offers to get Jimmy to safety.

Meanwhile, at the Faction base, Viv has received a mysterious briefcase, and she informs Nadia that the magic will soon belong to them.


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Magical Notes



  • Celandine Flower Paint
    • Used by Abigael to free Eleanor from the painting.
  • Clarion Potion
    • Planned by Macy initially to use it on Julian but ended up given by Mel and Maggie to Jimmy for him to have a fresh start.
  • Glamours
    • Used by Macy Vaughn to make herself and Harry take on a more post-apocalyptic appearance.
  • Safe Cracking Potion
    • Used by Abigael to break open a safe.


  • Conjuration: Used by Florence to create an hourglass for Jordan.
  • Cryokinesis: Used by Florence. It is a natural influence of her spirit form.
  • Flight: Used by Florence to leave Jordan.
  • Emotional Inception: Used by Maggie accidentally to change Mel's moods.
  • Orbing: Used by Harry to orb to a dark magic market, kidnap Julian, and later sneak into the Shea estate.


  • Book of Elders: Used by Macy to find the recipe for the Clarion potion.
  • Book of Elders Cypher: Used to translate the Book.
  • Enchanted Paintings: An ogre trapped a witch named Eleanor inside one such painting.
  • Florence's Hourglass: Florence conjured it to give to Jordan to let him know time was running out for him unless he helped a witch.
  • Siren's Tongue: Used as one of the ingredients for the Clarion Potion.


  • Celeste doesn't appear in this episode, but she was seen in an archive footage.
  • Nadia and Florence return in this episode. They were last seen in "The Enemy of My Frenemy".
  • Ruby was mentioned. She was last seen in Unsafe Space.
  • In Witch Perfect, the sirens were considered to be mere mortals who were enchanted by The Maestro to sing the Devil's Tritone to harm anyone who hears the song. However, in this episode, it was revealed that sirens are also magical beings with unnaturally long red tongues.

Answered Questions from Previous Episode(s)

  • Will Maggie change Harry's feelings with her newfound power?
    • Initially, Maggie contemplated it. However, once Macy caught on, she and Harry decided to ignore the rules of magic and actively pursue their relationship.
  • Will the Charmed Ones be able to merge Harry and Jimmy back into one?
    • Though the idea had been proposed, it was never tested. Jimmy moved to England and started over.

Unanswered Questions

  • Will Julian help the Charmed Ones?
  • Who is Abigael’s sister?
  • Will Jimmy come back?
  • What does Vivienne want with magic?
  • What is in the briefcase given to Vivienne?

References to the Original Charmed

  • Macy and Harry's visit to a magical market is a reference to the demonic market that Paige snuck into in an attempt to find the pursuers of their newborn baby and Piper and Phoebe's invasion to rescue her.
  • Jordan and Abigael rescue a witch trapped inside a painting. In the original, Prue encounters a painting that trapped a warlock named Malcolm. Thinking he was an innocent, she cast the spell she found on an X-ray scan, only to be trapped herself. Piper later accidentally did the same. Phoebe used a different incantation to free them.
  • Mel complains to Maggie, about the burdens of being a witch, and contemplates living a magic-free life. This was a common characteristic of Mel's original counterpart, Piper.
  • Maggie accidentally uses her powers of emotional inception to cause Mel to become extremely happy and chipper. In the original series, after Phoebe was transformed into a genie, Chris wishes Leo would get over being angry with him, and Leo displays a similar, chirpy disposition.

Production Notes

  • The episode was watched by 0.46 million U.S. viewers.
  • This was supposed to be the twentieth episode of the second season but due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing production to shut down, the episode wasn't able to be filmed.
    • Instead, this episode became the Season 3 premiere.
  • The episode aired exactly one year after the premiere of Curse Words.


Florence: ♪ Run, run, go away. Run. Run, go away. Live to die another day. ♪

Abigael: I tried to smash the demon patriarchy, so there.
Jordan: Did you? Or did you just try to take it over?

Macy: Cruella De Viv's got a stockpile of money, manpower and magic.




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