The Ancient Oracles were a collection of oracles that existed five thousand years ago. They prophesied the forthcoming apocalypse.


Five thousand years ago, these oracles predicted three signs of the apocalypse:

  1. When the weakest of men reach ill-gotten glory. (refers to the current president of the United States)
  2. The movement's great sages fall. (refers to the deaths of the Elders like Marisol Vera, Priyanka Bari, Devorah Silver and Charity Callahan)
  3. With the blossoming of death, comes the awakening of the Source of All Evil and then we fall. (refers to the Harbinger of Hell and its mission to awaken its master)[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Prophecy: The ability to foresee events that have yet to occur. The oracles were powerful enough to foresee events happening thousands of years in the future.


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