I just remember complete darkness. It was like I was trying to get out, but nothing worked. And... then I heard a voice. It made me feel strong, like I wasn't alone.
— Angela explaining her experience about being possessed to the Vera sisters

Angela Wu is an innocent that studies at Hilltowne University. She became the target of an upper-level demon and was put into a coma until she was possessed by another demon, the Harbinger of Hell.


Angela is a straight-A college student and became involved in a local scandal. She accused Professor Warner Thaine (whom in fact was an immortal upper-level demon) of sexual harassment, but before she could testify, Angela overdosed and fell into a coma.

The sorority, Kappa Tau Kappa, visited her at the hospital where they would pray for her recovery. When the Charmed One, Maggie Vera, touched her, she telepathically heard her screaming. Later that day, she woke up but in reality, the Harbinger of Hell had taken control of her body.

The Harbinger used her body to hunt down virgins but the Charmed Ones eventually incapacitated the demon and contained it. Mel Vera wanted to exorcise the demon to save Angela's soul but the Elders believed that Angela couldn't be saved and that her soul was already gone. Mel did not accept this and performed a spell to determine whether or not Angela's soul was still alive. The spell worked and Mel was able to talk to Angela but the Harbinger was still powerful and wrestled back control. After convincing her sisters and finding the right ritual, the Charmed Ones were able to exorcise the Harbinger and save Angela.

Angela did not remember any of the time that she was possessed but she did remember a voice telling her to stay strong, giving her the strength to not give up and lose her soul.


Physical Appearance

Angela is a young woman in her early twenties with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She is of Asian descent.



  • Her Harbinger-possessed appearance resembles the ghost of Kayako Saeki from the Ju-on and The Grudge horror films.


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