The attic is located on presumably the third floor of the Vera Manor.

Aside from being used as a typical attic for general storage, the attic has been used to perform a lot of their magic and various important events have taken place in the attic. It also is where they generally kept their Book of Shadows before it was destroyed.

The attic appeared for the first time in the pilot episode, where Marisol Vera performed the spell on the night that she was murdered to unbind the powers of her daughters. 

It was also the place where Mel Vera , Maggie Vera, and Macy Vaughn first learned that they were witches when Harry Greenwood snatched each of them and tied them up to explain it all.

Uses of the Attic

  • Book of Shadows: The Book of Shadows was the magical tome that had presumably been passed down the generations of Vera Witches. The attic was generally where the Charmed Ones kept their Book of Shadows, and as such was even the place in which it was destroyed.
  • Spell Casting: The Veras also use the attic to cast spells and perform rituals. Some of the most notable spells cast in the attic include the Power Unbinding Spell, Invoking the Moirai, Balance Restoration and The Sacred Flame Extraction Spell.
  • General Storage: The attic is used as a typical place for storage for items of the Vera family.
  • Additional Books: Aside from the Book of Shadows, the attic contained a number of books on the shelves, among which were volumes on magic and additional spellbooks.

Notable Events

Marisol Vera is Killed

Charity kills Marisol

Charity Callahan shoots Marisol Vera with deathbolts and sends her flying out the window.

While unbinding her daughters' powers in the attic, Marisol Vera was visited by her friend and fellow Elder Charity Callahan. When questioned about why she was casting such a spell, Marisol revealed that her daughters would become the Charmed Ones and the truth about Macy Vaughn's resurrection to Charity. Fearful of the Charmed Ones being tainted by demon blood, Charity attempted to stop Marisol from reciting the unbinding spell and this resulted in a fight in which Charity was forced to kill Marisol by sending her out of the attic window. However, Marisol was able to complete the spell with her dying breath and successfully unbound the powers of her three daughters.[1][2]

The Charmed Ones Find Out They're Witches


Harry Greenwood presents The Book of Shadows.

After they recieved their powers, Harry Greenwood kidnapped Macy Vaughn, Mel Vera and Maggie Vera. All three sisters woke up to find themselves tied up in the attic, where Harry informed them that they are witches who are destined to save the world. He told them that they are the most powerful trio of witches, known as the Charmed Ones. After magically unbinding the ropes, he explained that he is a Whitelighter: an advisor for witches, and that their mother was a very powerful witch, who died on the night she was in the process of unbinding their powers. He handed them the Book of Shadows and told them that they had forty eight hours to decide whether or not to accept their Wiccan fate.[3]



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