The Attic is located on the presumably the third floor of the Vera Manor.

Aside from being used as a typical attic for general storage, the attic is has been used to perform a lot of their magic and various important events have taken place in the attic. It also is where they might keep their Book of Shadows.

The attic appeared for the first time in the teaser of the very first episode, where Marisol Vera performed the spell on the night that she was murdered to unbind the powers of her daughters. 

It was also where Mel , Maggie, and Macy first learned they were witches when Harry tied them up to explain it all.

Uses of the Attic

  • Book of Shadows: The Book of Shadows is the magical tome that has been passed down the generation of Vera Witches. It presumably might be where the Charmed Ones keep their book of shadows.
  • Practicing Magic: The sisters practice their magic in the attic.
  • Potions:

Marisol Vera unbinds her daughters powers.

  • Spell Casting: A majority of the sister's spells are likely to be cast in the attic since it's often where the Book of Shadows might be kept. Some of the most important spells include, Power Unbinding Spell was done in the attic.
  • General Storage: The attic is used as a typical place for storage for items of the Vera family.
  • Additional Books: Aside from the Book of Shadows, the attic contained a number of books on the shelves, among which were volumes on magic and additional spellbooks.


  • The attic played a major part of the original Charmed series. It was a base where the Charmed Ones performed all of their spells, potions making and where the Book of Shadows was kept on a stand. It remains to be seen if the Vera Book of Shadows will have its own stand like the original series.