Aura Stripping is the power to strip a witch's aura, thereby rendering one undetectable by demons. Stripping an aura also negates a witch's current active powers, leaving them defenceless, but still able to access basic powers such as spell casting.


The Elders granted the Command Center the ability to strip a witch’s aura if they traveled through the portal leading to the center. This was done purposefully, to prevent those under the protection of the Command Center from being tracked by demons or anyone else that may be trying to find them. A side effect of this is that witches are rendered powerless, albeit they are still able to access basic powers such as spell casting and potion making.

Stripping an aura does not affect powers granted to an individual through demon blood. For example, a part-demon such as Macy Vaughn are still able to use their demon abilities. It also does not halt the development of new active powers, as Maggie Vera gained the power to see into the future and Mel Vera gained the power to manipulate molecules after having their auras stripped.

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  • This is the first ability not possessed by an individual. It is likely the portal the Charmed Ones entered was spelled to strip their aura by the Elders.


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