Balance Restoration is a spell placed in the Book of Shadows that is used to restore balance in a disturbed existence.


This spell allows witches to travel through time to change events which affected magical balance of the world. This is not a spell for inner balance, as it only concerns the balance of magic.

The spell requires a magical device that utilizes time magic in order to work.


In The Source Awakens, as Macy Vaughn is being consumed by her emotions, due to having merged with the Source of All Evil, Mel Vera and Maggie Vera are trapped in a warped reality in which Macy never existed.

They meet their mother, Marisol Vera, who is still alive in the alternate reality and she guides them towards this spell. The spell transports them to the moment The Power of Three was broken which was just before Macy resurrected Galvin in Red Rain.


Objective: To restore balance in a disturbed existence.

Notes: if looking for inner balance please see spells in Witch Wellbeing. This balance restoration spell, which can only be used once by the spell casters every 100 years, allows for you to be transported through time and space to the event that caused the initial rift...

You'll need: a device to which time can be manipulated.

Instructions: When ready to cast this spell, think solely on the place and time of initial imbalance. Repeat the below, Latin, incantation until you find yourself where you intended. Make sure to consider only physical anomalies that may not align between your now and where the initial inbalance took place.

These will need to be addressed before reciting the incantation.


Aquilibrium per cacla tempusque reficiatur.


Restore the balance through the heavens and time.


  • This is the second time travel spell used in the series, the first being Call to a Restless Spirit. However, unlike that spell, this one actually allows the sisters to change the timeline.
  • This spell uses Dog Latin.
  • This spell was never cast on-screen.
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