A banshee is a type of ghost that died in pain, and spread sorrow and misery in death[1]. Banshees are led by an Empress.


In "Kappa Spirit", Mel and Maggie Vera mistook a ghost named Brenda Mancini to be a banshee, and tried to find a spell to vanquish her. Though there was a spell to get rid of banshees, they later found out she was a revenant.

In "Deconstructing Harry", Harry Greenwood's Darklighter was shown to have captured and imprisoned the Banshee Empress along with other magical creatures. The creatures were later freed by Mel Vera.

When the Charmed Ones infiltrated a gala event in order to rescue Harry from the Faction in "Search Party", a banshee and a demon were shown to have been captured by the Faction as well. After Macy Vaughn accidentally began the power transferal process, the banshee and demon are killed with their powers being transferred.

Vanquishing Spell

Repose of the Tumuli

Proper identifying the Banshee is crucial in order for


Book of Shadows Entry

this spell to be effective. Sirens, strigoi, rusalka and other such entities require different spells. Using the wrong incantation may provoke the entity.

The spell may be performed without the protection of the consecrated cloth. But as with most undertakings, protection is encouraged.



  • In the original series, Banshees were demons with distinctive white hair and a high pitched scream that could burst glass and blood vessels. This scream could also turn emotionally hurting witches into new Banshees, a transformation that would be made permanent if they killed a person in that state.
  • This series' description of a banshee, being a kind of spirit, is closer to real world mythology than the one of the original series, that were more based on the Dungeons & Dragons version. However, the ones from Gaelic and Irish Folklore only foretold upcoming deaths and did not cause them.
  • The episodes "Deconstructing Harry" and "Search Party" of the second season seem to have reconned information previously given about banshees in the first season. In "Kappa Spirit", banshees are said to be a type of ghost, however as of the second season, two of them are capable of being held captive by Jimmy and the Faction with the second banshee even being killed by the Faction.


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