Sorry. Yeah, still here. Bummer-rama for you.
— mocked Brenda when a vanquishing spell had no effect on her

Brenda Mancini was a pledge of Kappa Tau Kappa who died on February 13, 1989, after falling off of the sorority's roof. She would become a ghost and begin to haunt the women of Kappa, influencing several sisters to fall to their deaths just as she had.
She briefly targeted Lucy, who had been hurt by Maggie Vera, and attempted to cause her to kill herself as well. However, Maggie was able to ease Lucy's pain and thus Brenda lost her connection to the living world.


Sorority Life

Brenda started pledging Kappa Tau Kappa sorority in the late 80's. During her time, she was a bully and slept with two of the members' boyfriends simultaneously. Then-president Jenna found out and kicked her out of the sorority. Angered by this, Brenda got drunk and started vandalizing the sorority house rooftop before she fell off the rooftop to her death.


Her spirit had since been stuck in her pledge candle and haunted Kappa Tau Kappa, preying on brokenhearted sorority sisters who felt betrayed by their friends. In November, 2018, Brenda targeted Lucy, the current president of Kappa, but was defeated by Maggie Vera's genuine apology that eased Lucy's hurting. With Lucy's pain gone, Brenda lost her connection to the living world and disappeared.


  • Flight: As a ghost, Brenda had the ability to take on a flying spectre form.
  • Electromagnetic Interference: Brenda was able to cause the lights to flicker around her and made the television cut itself on and go fuzzy.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create or manipulate fire. In her flying ghost form, Brenda was able to cause the fireplace to ignite.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move objects with one's mind. Brenda used this power to close curtains.
  • Intangibility: As a ghost, Brenda's natural state was intangible. By transforming into her spirit form, she was able to minimally affect the objects and people she passed through, knocking them around.
  • Persuasion: The power to give subtle suggestions to manipulate a person's actions. Brenda used this power to manipulate Lucy and several other Kappa sisters into killing themselves.


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