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Bruce was a mortal belonging to a mysterious faction of mortals that know of the existence of magic. He would later be killed by one of their own experiments.


Throughout the Series

Season 2

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", Jordan Chase and Maggie Vera attended a support group for people affected by the supernatural. Jordan displayed one of the bladed weapons of Harry Greenwood's Darklighter and claimed that he and his military buddies found it in Afghanistan. Bruce is first shown lurking during the meeting. Bruce, who appeared interested in the magical artifact, invited them to party. He talked about his group of believers in the supernatural and had the same tattoo as Ray’s buyers.
At the party, Bruce and Nadia offered Jordan and Maggie a place in their group, but only if they consumed a green candy first. Jordan took it, wanting to show Maggie that he could handle the magical world. However, everyone at the party who had taken the green substance began having their life forces drained by a shaman and, with the use of black amber, would bring life back to a man clearly important to the group.

In "Third Time's the Charm", after recieving an alert through the system at the Command Center about an distressed witch in danger in Portland, the sisters portaled there and find Bruce who has the witch in his truck. When approached by Maggie, he pulled a gun on her which was then heated up by Mel Vera until he dropped it for it. Bruce then used his special watch to unveil a second monster created by the faction's experiments. However, when his watch is destroyed causing him to lose control of the monster, he is killed when the monster spits acid at him, causing him to disintegrate into nothing.


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