Call to a Restless Spirit is a spell that allows witches to revisit the past of spiritual beings to understand the reason for their restlessness.


This spell allows witches to time travel through astral projection, allowing them to witness past events relevant to a restless spirit but not be able to interact nor change the timeline.

The witch is surrounded by a whirlwind of black smoke and blue light and disappears in a puff of blue smoke.


In Kappa Spirit, after realizing that the "new" sorority pledge was in fact dead and was haunting the Kappa sisterhood, Maggie convinced her sister, Mel, to help her. Using this spell, Mel and Maggie are teleported to 1989 where they witnessed Brenda being publicly humiliated.

They also saw their mother, who was having a discussion about her baby, Macy, with a friend. Marisol believed that there was something wrong with the baby, but the spell ended before either sister could learn more.

Book of Shadow Entry

Book of Shadow Entry


In aid to determine the ghost or spirit for further instruction by conjuring a re-animation of a time and or place the ghost or spirit in question cannot move on from...


For each participant, the speaker of the incantation will have up to 10 minutes. One speaker, 10 minutes, two speakers, 20 minutes, so on and so forth. Maximum amount of time is 90 hours. Then, one must repete incantation:


One must know spirit or ghost's full name in order for spell to work.


Audi nos, refer te unde subivieris. Anima, dic nobis quad velis! Cur hic praees? Resolve tuian dolor!


  • This is the first spell that the Charmed Ones use to time travel. Unlike in the original series, this spell only allows them to be spectators to past events and not able to change the timeline.
  • In spite of the spell's entry claiming each spellcaster had up to ten minutes while time traveling (with two spellcasters being able to enjoy twenty minutes of time traveling), the sisters only enjoy a very limited amount of time.
  • This spell's entry has broken english, implying that english was not the mother tongue of whoever created this spell.
  • In Kappa Spirit, Maggie and Mel only used the second and third line to enact this spell. The first line was later used as a vanquishing spell for a revenant while the last line was going to be used as a vanquishing spell for a banshee.
  • Despite the sisters going back in time thirty years, Marisol Vera is shown to appear just as she did around the time of her murder rather than the much younger woman that she should have been in that time period.


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