Calling Upon Your Necromancer is a ritual used to summon the Necromancer who resurrected the user. Macy found this ritual in a book about resurrection.


In "You're Dead to Me", away from her sisters and Harry, Macy held the ritual in the attic of their house. She brought a white mouse from her job as a sacrifice. The ritual was performed correctly and the Necromancer that had brought her back to life, Knansie, emerged from a portal of blood.

Entry in the book

If history proves truth, Necromancers have lived among us since the beginning. And while some believe that their powers are limited to channeling information through the dead, there are those who believe that Necromancers have the ability to restore life to those once living.

Those walk among us, the living dead, the resurrected, and the undead may call upon a Necromancer. To do this you'll need the proper ingredients listed and must carry out the instructions with care and order. Any mistake may incur a Deadly Consequence.

5 candles
Melted wax
Animal Sacrifice
Tool of Dead “Esta Semper Lux”

With melt wax, draw a pentagram large enough to allow you to sit or la.. the middle without strain.
Place each candle, whispering: “Esta Semper Lux”.
As you light each wick. This will allow the candle flame to burn without interruption.

Secure your animal sacrifice small in nature that can easily be controlled. When you sacrifice your animal, you may use magic, your hands or a tool.
When ready and at peace to summon of your Necromancer, take one deep breath and purpose the incantation.
Immediately following you must swiftly sacrifice your animal while saying the incantation for a second time.

A using a tool:
Repete the incantation at the moment that the tool will pierce the animal sacrifice in question.

Once ritual is complete:
A pool of blood in your vicinity will appear.
Once your Necromancer appears their portal will close and blood of life will return to sacrifice.


I summon the one who brought me back,
hear my plea,
I call you here as you called me from beyond!




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