The Calling of Lost Souls is a spell from the Book of Shadows, and, as its name suggests, is used to contact a lost soul.

Mel Vera used this spell to find out if Angela Wu's soul was still alive while being possessed by the Harbinger of Hell. She managed to make Angela reveal herself briefly before the Harbinger took over again.[1]

Book of Shadows Entry

Calling of Lost Souls entry

Objective - To reveal lost souls encapsulated, buried or silenced within another living entity.

Notes - This spell will not work if a soul is dead or vessel in which soul resides has been taken over completely of the original soul.

* Use at least one burgundy candle and voice of conviction!

Instructions - Light candles and repeat the following incantation until soul reveals itself...


The soul within the soul, reveal thyself to the world, let your voice be heard or interned, buried deep within, reach out, reveal thyself, reveal thyself, or be lost forever.

Intus in anima mea et anima mea, ad te ipsum mundo revelare! Et audivi recem tuam, aut alind sit tibi placere, quad si penitus defossa, una vox rium, anima revelare! Attulisti!

Mel's Incantation

Anima revelare. Veni foras!