Seems like your mom is the one who had the reckoning.
— Cam says before getting punched by Mel

Cameron "Cam" Russo was a student at Hilltowne University who came into conflict with Mel Vera when he tried to stop her from protesting against Professor Thaine's reinstatement.

He was later killed and decapitated by the Harbinger of Hell due to his status as a virgin.


In Pilot, Cameron found Mel Vera putting up posters to protest Professor Thaine's reinstatement. Taking the professor's side, he informed Mel that she needed a permit and that the whole situation was "he said/she said". After going back and forth with Mel, he insinuated that Mel's mother got the reckoning from this "witch hunt", prompting Mel to punch him. He wanted to press charges against her but was talked out of it by detectives, Niko and Trip.

During a protest rally on campus, Cam sees Mel walk off towards the laboratory. He would later follow her sisters to the lab to stop them from entering but when he arrived, he instead found Professor Thaine in his demonic form. Confused by what he was seeing, Cam asked if the professor was in a costume but the professor replied that he wasn't. Taydeus then impaled Cam with a spear of ice, stating how awful the student was. The girls would summon Harry who healed Cam and saved his life.

Cam regained consciousness just in time to see his professor vanquished. Not understanding what had happened, Harry offered to erase his memories but the girls said no. They wanted Cam to live with what he saw and to live with the fact that no one would believe him if he shared what had happened to him.

In Sweet Tooth, Cam was broadcasting on his radio show about witches and masculinity repression when the Harbinger of Hell found him. Sensing he was a virgin (which it needed to grow its power), it knocked on his window. He opened it and was immediately murdered. His head and blood were kept in Angela Wu's (the Harbinger's vessel) dorm room.


Cameron came off as a sexist and misogynist by the way that he defended Professor Thaine from the sexual harassment accusations. However, he could also be somewhat of a realist. Although he was confused and even frightened from witnessing the sisters vanquishing Professor Thaine, he kept it to himself as he knew no one would believe him and only dared to indirectly speak out against the sisters through his radio show. He was also described by Mel to be an "incel" (involuntary celibate), which she believed to explain part of his behavior.

Physical Appearance



  • Cameron was the first human to know about demons and magic in the series.


"Radical feminists have criminalized masculinity. They call it 'toxic'. Why? Because they want all the power for themselves. And believe me, they have power."

—Cam on his podcast in Sweet Tooth.


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