Carter Westwell was the only son of James Westwell, now known as Harry Greenwood. Carter was born during Harry's mortal life before he became a Whitelighter.


Early Life

Carter was born in Manchester, England in 1953 to James and Clara Westwell. Before the age of four, he became sick and was on the verge of dying. He recovered, however, but the price for his health was to grow up fatherless.[5]

In 2011, Carter had an affair with a married woman and they had a son, Georgie. Georgie and his mother's husband did not know that they were not related to each other, and Georgie considered Carter his "uncle."[1]

In early 2019, Harry and Mel Vera saw old Carter from afar as he played with his two grandchildren.[2]

3 months before Carter's death, his youngest daughter Jill and her partner Alisha got married and he gave his daughter earrings for the wedding.[1]

Throughout the Series

In Keep Calm and Harry On, Harry saw his son in a memory of Carter on his death bed brought on by the scorpions when he was in Tartarus. After being rescued from Tartarus, Charity Callahan tells Harry that memory was real and that his son was still alive.

In Witch Perfect, Harry continued to write down the bits of memories that he experienced in Tartarus, but his wrist began to hurt preventing him from doing so.

In You're Dead to Me, due to Harry's knowledge of Carter and his emotional instability, Harry's powers began to act up and he accidentally orbed Mel Vera and himself to Manchester, England. There, Harry told Mel about him and together they go off to find answers. They found his baptism certificate discovering Carter's name. Finally, they found him outside his house with his grandchildren, and despite Mel's encouragement, Harry could not bring himself to meet Carter under false pretexts or tell him the truth. During this, Carter spotted Harry and waved to him. Carter then started to go inside, but he turned around for one last glance. However, Harry and Mel are already gone.

In Spectral Healing, being that only a living male descendant was the key to gaining mortality again, Harry decided that Carter was his best shot. Harry and Mel went to Manchester, England only to discover they were attending Carter's wake. Harry passed himself off as a distant cousin twice removed from marriage when he met his granddaughter, Jill Westwell. Mel discovered that Harry's next best shot at mortality was Carter's illegitimate son, Georgie. However, he took too many of the pills intended to help Harry gain his mortality. Harry got through to him with the mutual feeling of shared grief. After Harry went back to Seattle, he decided that he wanted to live with Macy to the fullest and get to experience things that he never did with Carter with their potential future kids someday.


He is a caring grandfather who loves his grandchildren very much.

Physical Appearance

Carter is an elderly man.




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