Cate Monroe was a witch and a member of the Elders. She was poisoned to death by Hunter Caine in order to complete the prophecy of the Apocalypse.


Cate Monroe was a witch and a lawyer who, at some point in her life, became an Elder. On the morning of May 4, 2019, Cate was leaving the courthouse and spoke on the phone with an unknown caller about how a certain woman named Amanda should prepare the files for which she is going to come right now. At the same time, a mysterious blonde in black approached her, whom Cate mistook for her new temp, not knowing that it was in fact Hunter Caine, who shapeshifted into this blonde. He handed her a glass of poisoned coffee, which Cate drank, and as soon as she finished the phone call, Cate began to choke and fell dead.

The event of her death led to Devorah Silver coming to ask for the help of the Charmed Ones and Harry Greenwood on the evening of the same day, because the prophecy is coming true and the Apocalypse is getting closer.

Physical Appearance

Cate was a white woman with short brown hair and blue eyes. At the time of her death, she appeared to be in her forties.




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