Be careful when distributing. Read carefully information in each category.

P.S. Please don't add (or create) new categories.
P.P.S. The distribution of categories in characters' pages (in order):

  • Appearance in the season (for example, Season 1 Characters)
  • The significance of character in the season (main, reccurring or guest)
  • Species (witch, mortal, etc.). See all species here.
    • If some characters can have two species, then specify them in order from the original to the current. For example, Brenda was shown as a mortal and as a ghost in the episode.
  • Affiliation related to the species (Charmed Ones, The Sisters of Arcana, etc.)
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation (only if the character is LGBT)
  • Family affiliation (for example, Caine Family)
  • Parents (set if the character is such)
  • Villains (set if the character is such)
  • Working/Educational specialty (for example, Hilltowne University Former Students)
  • Belonging to a working or student group (for example, Kappa Tau Kappa; set if the character is(was) such)
  • Current status in the series (Deceased or Vanquished; set if the character is such)
    • Some characters can have two statuses (for example, Brenda have two statuses, because first she was dead and then she was vanquished in the episode).
  • Vanquished by the Power of Three (for creatures vanquished by three sisters)
  • Book of Shadows Entries (if the character is mentioned in the book)
  • Note: If the character appears in different seasons, will be added a new categories with its belonging to the season and its significance in this season at the end of the line in character's page.
    For example, theoretically, if Parker is a main character in the first season, but he will a guest character in the second season, then his categories will look so:
    Season 1 Characters | Main Characters | Half-Demons | Males | Caine Family | Hilltowne University Students | Season 2 Characters | Guest Characters

This is the list of characters in Charmed (Season 1):

Cast and Characters

Main Characters

Add characters when they are credited as "starring".

Recurring Characters

All characters have appeared in at least 3 episodes.

Guest Characters

Add characters here when they are credited as "guest starring" and have appeared in 2 episodes or less.

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