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Celeste is an inoperative Elder that has lived since sometime before the Salem Witch Trials. She is part of those responsible for the creation of Whitelighters and therefore Darklighters as well. She has long since been out of commission from her duties as an Elder, and as a result, was not on the Caines' hitlist when they massacred the Elders. Through the use of a magical watch, Celeste has been able to prolong her life for at least five hundred years.

Most recently, Celeste was rescued by the Charmed Ones from a member of an organization hunting magical beings. She cast a dangerous spell on the sisters in hopes of bringing them closer together and effectively helped them restore the Power of Three.


Early Life

Celeste lived in the time of the witch trials, particularly the witch trials of Salem. The persecution of witches were devastating to the magical world, prompting Celeste to create the formula to create Whitelighters to protect witches. The process also created Darklighters, a negative doppelgänger split from their original body as a result. Celeste and her coven kept them all locked up in bottles guarded at Castle Breithe.

Celeste also created a pocket watch that slows down a witch's aging, with Leonardo DaVinci's help. Though they worked together, they were not fond of each other. Celeste quoted that he stole some of her finest work. Eventually, Celeste ascended to become an Elder and governed the world of witches.

Sometime over the centuries, she gave up her title and lived as a normal witch, thus survived the massacre when Hunter Caine and Fiona Callahan killed all the Elders.

Throughout the Series

In "Third Time's the Charm", the sisters find Celeste tied up in the trunk of Bruce's car after being kidnapped from her vineyard in Sonoma. After she is brought back to the Command Center, she reveals a new, potentially helpful "demon-spotting mode" on the wall sized map. Harry Greenwood soon recognizes her as an Elder, and as the person responsible for creating Whitelighters, and in turn Darklighters. Despite being declined of her help, Celeste just wants the girls to get the Power of Three back, fearful of the idea that humans could have access to magic. She ultimately resorts to casting a spell that places them in a sleep state to face their own fears but after a slight miscalculation, she discovers that the sisters biggest fear wasn’t dying as she suspected; it was losing each other. Harry made her place him into the dream to try and save them, now knowing that if Macy Vaughn died in the dream, they all would. When they all came to, Celeste was gone, but after returning to the scene of the crime and successfully restoring the Power of Three, the Charmed Ones returned to the Command Center to find her there with Harry, apologizing to him for her part in creating Whitelighters and Darklighters. Celeste explained that she never meant to force the power onto the girls, but instead make them face their fears and not end up making mistakes as she & the other Elders did, regardless the intentions. After saying goodbye, she was last seen being orbed to hide in Mykonos.

In "Unsafe Space", the Faction started their plans to break into the Command Center. Since they could not enter through the front door, the Charmed Ones enlist Celeste's help. Celeste shares the knowledge that witches who have gone through the "witchness protection program" are given a marble that would help them back into the Command Center and restore their powers as a safety measure—the Charmed Ones weren't given one because there was no one to greet them when they first arrived. Celeste and Harry then go to Castle Breithe to find the skeleton key that would help them free Jimmy. When Macy and Maggie both became trapped inside the marble, Celeste told Mel that she had specifically told them they needed the witch who owned the marble as well, prompting Mel to find Ruby. Upon freeing Maggie and Macy, the six then enter the Command Center. Celeste then starts casting a binding spell to entrap Jimmy once he is freed. Unfortunately, the bottle containing the Darklighter explodes and Macy is knocked out cold. Harry accidentally breaks the spell and Jimmy attempts to run away. Ruby manages to stop him with a Wind Spell.

In "Triage", Celeste appears via Zoom where its reveal she didn't feel well enough to go the Command Center in person. She magically sent Mel Vera her pocket watch to time travel in order to get a piece of the Yin Yang Pendant Mel hid in the future. Because Celeste readjusted the watch, it no longer slows down her aging.

In "Perfecti Is the Enemy of Good", Harry Greenwood goes to Celeste in Mykonos to go through experiments that would make him permanently human again. Because the stripping of powers would make Harry rapidly age and die, they now go through a series of injections that would slowly reverse the process.

When Macy and Maggie call to them for help, Celeste activates a Memory Mirror to witness the Perfecti's memories and spotted a golem in it. Believing it to be the answer to their problems, Maggie goes to see Fenric the Vile while disguised as Abigael Jameson-Caine; and Celeste and Macy create the golem's body. Overwhelmed with fear, Harry takes the golem to the now closed Tulipe Institute. Celeste, Macy and Maggie track him there and take back the golem. Celeste then activates it. However, Maggie then realizes it was a setup by both Fenric and the Perfecti to destroy them. Macy comes up with a plan to draw in the Perfecti with Celeste's help, which turns the golem against its creators.

After the day's adventure, Celeste and Harry share a drink in the backyard. Harry's system is settling down, but Celeste tells him it is only the beginning of a lifetime of difficulties, but that is what makes humanity special.


Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
Active Powers
  • Power Granting: The ability to grant magical power to another being. This is a collective power that requires the aid of other Elders to turn dying mortals into Whitelighters.
  • Power Stripping: The power to take away other magical being's powers. This is a collective power that requires the aid of other Elders to strip Whitelighters of their powers.
Natural Abilities
  • Knowledge: As an Elder who had lived for centuries, Celeste has vast knowledge of the magical working and mortal history. She was the one who invented the formula to transform mortals into Whitelighters.




  • With the appearance of the Elder Celeste, there were three plot holes that contradict the first season of Charmed:
    • Since neither Hunter Caine nor Fiona Callahan killed Celeste, this means that the second sign of the Apocalypse should have not been fulfilled and the Apocalypse should not have happened.
    • Since at least one of the Elders is still alive, the Whitelighters should not have started dying between "Red Rain" and "Safe Space" or , at least, not all of them.
    • Since Celeste was out of commission or possibly retired at this point, this could have had something to do with her not being a part of the prophecy. However, in that case, it becomes unclear why Charity Callahan was not stripped of her status of an Elder for a series of murders before being sent to Tartarus (although, it is possible that Alastor simply got her out before they could do that).



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