It extracted all of her anguish and pain over some tragic loss so she could go on living.
— Charity, about Marisol[src]

Charity's Anguish Spell was a spell that was used by Charity Callahan to remove Marisol Vera's pain and grief after having to give up her eldest daughter. The true name of this spell is unknown, and nothing else is known about it except that it is seemingly "brutal."


In "Exorcise Your Demons", it is revealed that sometime after Marisol Vera gave up her first daughter, she turned to her close friend, Charity Callahan, asking her to perform a spell to remove her pain and grief. Charity didn't understand why at the time but would come to learn the truth in the future.

When Macy and Mel Vera told Charity what folk remedy that Maggie Vera used to lose her pain over Parker Caine in "Keep Calm and Harry On", she caught a sad look at the book. It seems, that in this moment Elder Callahan evoked that many years ago she used a similar spell for Marisol.

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  • This spell's name and procedure are unknown as it has never been cast onscreen.
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