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The Chase family ring is a magical ring made of black amber that originally belonged to the witch Florence before it was stolen by Jordan Chase's ancestor, Lawrence Mortimer Chase, and passed down through the generations until Jordan inherited it. It remained in Jordan's possession, until he willingly handed it over to Maggie Vera to be returned to the vengeful spirit of Florence.


In "Deconstructing Harry", while shaking hands with Jordan Chase, Maggie Vera had a vision of the future involving Jordan telling someone that he loves them. He is later revealed to have been talking to his girlfriend, Lola, when Maggie's foreseen event comes true.

In "When Sparks Fly", while holding Jordan's hand during a karaoke duet, Maggie tried to force a vision in order to locate Macy Vaughn, however she was only able to get fragments. After being trapped in an elevator with a Jordan, she was able to psychically locate her sister by holding Jordan's hand. Realizing that the power came from the ring, Maggie talked Jordan into letting her hold and try on the ring. She then had another vision of the future involving Jordan being in danger or getting hurt.

In "Past is Present", Maggie stole Jordan's sport wristband containing his sweat residue as required for a spell that would reveal what type of magic was present in him. It revealed that he was cursed by the dying breath of a witch. Later, after Harry Greenwood cloned Jordan's family ring and stole the original, Macy performed a spell to reveal the most significant moment of the ring's history. It revealed that the ring was stolen from a witch named Florence by Lawrence Mortimer Chase, also known as the Witchfinder General and an ancestor of Jordan's. He was cursed by Florence just before she was burned at the stake along with the rest of her coven. The curse seemingly caused all of the males in the Chase family to pass away before their 26th birthday.

In "Curse Words", the ring is given back to Florence by Jordan - through Maggie - which allows her spirit to finally find peace.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Granting: The power to grant the magical abilities of oneself or others. The ring was able to awaken Maggie's power of foresight. However, it seems that the ring's power has been used up - as Macy was unable to use the ring to awaken her telekinetic powers.
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