Cicada Demons are a type of endothermal demons that awaken every seventeen years and come to the surface to find humans to host their eggs for reproduction. Some of their characteristics are their ability to shed their exoskeletons and their minds all being connected to one another, existing as a hive mind. They live in colonies and serve a queen.


In Bug a Boo, a colony came to Hilltowne to repeat the process. They feigned opening an app company and had human recruits to help them find people to sign for the app. The applicants went on dates with what seemed like their perfect match, who were in fact the demons themselves. They kidnapped the applicants and implanted their bodies with eggs. When the same thing happened to Macy, Mel, Maggie and Harry went to the demons' lair to save her and the rest of the innocents.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
Passive Powers
  • Resistance: The power to resist to a certain point the powers of others. Showed by one drone whose mind could be read by Maggie while time was frozen.

Book of Shadows Entry

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Known Members


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