Claw Extension is the power to make sharp claws extend out of one's hands and/or fingers. Some beings naturally possess claws.


Abiku Demons use this ability as their main method of killing their victims. It is shown that Abiku Demons impale the neck of their victims, leaving a mark similar to a vampire's bite.[1]

All of the monsters created by the magical experiments of the Faction have possessed claws in some shape or form. The first monster had large arms with sharp claws, presumably through the magic from a Lycanthrope that had been used in its creation[2], and the second monster had fingernails that were sharpened out into long claws that seemed to secrete a powerful, deadly venom.[3]

Lee, a demon and a carnal, has the ability to transform at least one of her fingers into a long claw resembling a bee's stinger. [4]

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.
  • Galvin Burdette (through Abiku possession; temporarily)
  • Magic infused monsters (via magical experiments)


  • It has been shown that the claws are commonly very sharp, as seen when the Abiku pierced a car door in the episode "The Replacement".



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