Conjuration is the power to make something materialize at will. These conjurations could be anything from inanimate objects or living beings to even images or realistic illusions. The users are also able to cause their conjurations to disappear as well, making them cease to exist.


This power is channeled through both the mind and the hands and triggered by focus and imagination.

It is possible for a user to conjure up living beings, as Leon was able to conjure a plethora of butterflies in Out of Scythe. Users are also able to conjure up magical objects such as the magical bracelet that Harry conjured to sense when Mel was using her powers in Sweet Tooth. It also seems that users are able to conjure illusions as well, as Tessa was able to conjure the illusion of a fire burning the Book of Shadows and its stand without harming either of them in The Replacement.

The copies of Pixionaries owned by magical beings have the ability to conjure imagery to exemplify the contents of their pages.

The projection canvas has the ability to conjure and display images to exemplify anything that the user desires.

The Book of Elders was capable of conjuring real versions of images depicted in its pages when specific words are spoken aloud when in the book's presence.


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