A containment spell is a type of spell that is used to restrain or bind a being. Some containment spells can be used to restrict the use of certain powers.

Elemental Binding Spell

In "Sweet Tooth", the Charmed Ones attempted to use this spell to bind the Harbinger of Hell. However, the spell was interrupted due to Maggie Vera suffering from the consequences of all the magic she had been using for personal gain.

  • Incantation: Captus aqua. Captus terra. Captus ignis.
    • English Translation: Captured water. Captured earth. Captured fire.

Charity's Containment Spell

In "Exorcise Your Demons", the ElderCharity Callahan, cast a containment spell over a chained Harbinger of Hell to prevent it from using its touch of death. However, the spell was not strong enough to contain the Harbinger's growing power, having faded by the time of the full moon.

Cyd's Imprisonment Spell

In "You're Dead to Me", Cyd grabbed Maggie in the hope that Macy Vaughn would trade her for the Necromancer, Knansie. She triple-enchanted the shower stall to keep the water from running out. Macy and Parker Caine could not free Maggie and, at the wish of Cyd, the water began to drown Maggie. However, Cyd reversed this spell when Macy attacked her heart.

Veras’ Containment Spell

In "Deconstructing Harry", the Vera sisters used a containment spell on Abigael Jameson-Caine to prevent her from leaving the Command Center, trapping her in a force-field.

  • Incantation: Alligatum est.
    • English Translation: It is bound.
  • Reversal Spell: Dimitte ex carcere.
    • English Translation: Let go from prison.



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