The Cowrie Shell is a special mark that shields the bearer from evil magical beings.


The cowrie shell is a magical mark placed upon infants to give them lifelong protection against evil beings. If seen, it indicates that the shell's protection is active and that it is specifically protecting its bearer from the one glimpsing at the mark.

It is possible for the mark to be deactivated by someone else if they know the right spell and have access to something that the bearer might eat.


Galvin Burdette possessed a cowrie shell which was placed upon him by his grandmother at a young age.

Macy first saw the mark after she kissed Galvin but was unable to get anyone else to see it. She believed Summer to be responsible for it but later figured out that she had somehow activated it which is why she was the only one able to see it.

With some advice from Harry, Macy goes to visit a Yoruba practitioner and psychic, Mama Roz, to understand it. That is when it is revealed that Macy possesses some inner darkness and that darkness is what activated Galvin's mark.[1]

During Christmas, the shapeshifter, Hunter Caine, tried to infiltrate the Vera Manor but was repelled by Galvin's mark. Hunter tricked Mel into helping him deactivate Galvin's mark, stripping him of his protections from demons.[2]

Book of Shadows Entry

Use:The Cowrie, a mollusk shell having been traded hands all over the world, was a prominent shell in use in Africa, China and North America...
Its spread and wide use as currency partly due to the slave trade.
The Shells represents many ideas and have been used as currency and/or jewelry depending on the time and culture.
Meanings: Destiny, success, protection, fertility (when worn around hips), prosperity, wealth.
Notes on Protection: in some tradition, the appearance, of Cowrie symbol is believed to ward off dark/evil spirits.

Symbols (1th page)
yoruba symbol. Older versions: lighting association, fertility charm symbol carved on Shell
Cowrie placed on infant for Protection.
Symbols (2th page)

  • ward of evil (top left)
  • Cower east quadrant for male verity
  • Cower west quadrant for female verity
    • All above of Midline is used for protection
  • Meanings:
    • Success: can be used in conjunction to amplify success
    • Destiny: very common incorporation
    • Protection: Fertility

Known carriers



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