Cyd's Imprisonment Spell is a spell that Cyd used to keep Maggie Vera entombed within a shower stall underwater.


In "You're Dead to Me", Cyd grabbed Maggie in the hope that Macy Vaughn would trade her for the Necromancer, Knansie. She triple-enchanted the shower stall to keep the water from running out. Macy and Parker Caine could not free Maggie and, at Cyd’s will, the water began to drown Maggie. However, Cyd reversed this spell when Macy attacked her heart.


  • Despite being held underwater, Maggie is shown to be completely dry afterwards.
  • The enchanted shower stall can be a reference to the aquarium cage from the original series. With the help of this cage, The Crone held Leo Wyatt to prevent him from aiding the sisters.


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