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Daphne is a rushee for Kappa Tau Kappa.


Daphne was pledging to become part of the Kappa Tau Kappa, however she ended up getting slut-shamed by a Phi Delta member named Brett. Daphne begged Brett to take down the posts, but he refused to do so. Daphne then went crying to a fountain and, thinking about how much she hated Brett, accidentally summoned the Gorgon Medusa, who had promised to make sure that everyone would pay. Daphne was in the van with Maggie Vera (who was really Mel Vera, at the time, due to a body-switching incident) and wondered if Maggie was gay, due to Maggie/Mel’s attitude.

She was last seen at the Kappa Party crying in the stalls, where she was confronted by the Charmed Ones, and confessed everything to them about Brett and Medusa, claiming she didn't want things to turn out this way. In the end, Macy Vaughn learns that Medusa simply wanted people to see her pain (which she got from her rape) and turned everyone back to normal after finally helping Medusa find peace. Maggie then informed Lucy about the Phi Deltas and their provacative posts, which Lucy deemed disgusting. Parker Caine, the president of the Phi Deltas, then kicked out anyone who participated in the activity, finally serving justice for Daphne and many other girls.


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