Darklighter Poison is a green, usually liquid substance with various magical properties that is most commonly utilized by Harry Greenwood's Darklighter and his companions. It is produced from the leaves of a magical tree hidden beneath the Command Center.


For an unspecified time, there has grown a magical tree beneath the Command Center. The leaves from this tree produce a green substance. This tree is depicted within the Book of Elders. Somehow, a group of scientists and Harry Greenwood's Darklighter have been able to manipulate these leaves into a usually green, poisonous substance that is fatal to witches. It is currently unknown how these leaves are being obtained and made into the poison. This poison can also cause pain to demon-witches, Whitelighters and Darklighters, but it does not cause them fatal damage. The color of this poison varies from turquoise to lime-green.

Aside from its poisonous effects, this mysterious green substance has several magical properties. Harry's Darklighter was able to appear to Macy Vaughn in dreams after she had been shot by the poison.[1] Later, Harry Greenwood and his Darklighter were both able to communicate with one another through the use of the poison.[2] A group of mortals that know of the existence of magic once held a private event in which they offered the poison in the form of small candies. Once ingested, the victims were placed in a deep trance to which a shaman used some type of ritual in order to absorb their life forces. This, combined with black amber, was successfully able to resurrect a deceased man.[3]


In "Safe Space", TBA.

In "Careful What You Witch For", TBA.

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", TBA.

In "Breaking the Cycle", after passing the test to reveal their secrets, the Charmed Ones found a secret door that leads to the bowels of the Command Center. In the center grows a magic tree, whose leaves produce this green substance. This is the tree that was drawn in the Book of Elders in "The Rules of Engagement". The Charmed Ones concluded that the substance released by the magic leaves is the same substance that Harry Greenwood's Darklighter used to kill witches, and unknown people used it to try to raise the corpse.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dream Walking: In some unknown way, Harry Greenwood and his Darklighter learned to use this green substance to penetrate each other's dreams and those of other beings. When Harry used the poison for this purpose, his veins were shown to be turn green as he was caused severe pain before falling into a dream.
  • Life Force Absorption: A shaman was able to use a ritual to absorb the life forces of nearly all of the patrons of a club through his staff after they had consumed the poison.



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