Deathbolts are a spell that is used to take the life of another. Charity Callahan first used this spell to kill several Elders, including Marisol Vera and Priyanka Bari. Later on, Fiona Callahan ironically used this spell to kill Charity, her own sister.


Deathbolts take the appearance of fuchsia pink lightning and are capable of killing people in a variety of ways. The most commonly shown method is by projecting the deathbolts outwards, similarly to electrokinesis. However, when deathbolts were used on Priyanka Bari, her neck was magically snapped. It had been shown that an experienced witch may be capable of casting deathbolts non-verbally and with mere gestures. Deathbolts can leave a lightning fractal on its victims, which can cause others to believe that the victims had been killed with electrokinesis.

Deathbolts are capable of being shielded or deflected by Emotional Energy Manipulation, as seen in "Source Material" when Fiona Callahan attempted to use the spell on the Charmed Ones but they were easily able to shield themselves and send the bolts back at her.

Whitelighters are unable to heal the effects of this spell, as seen when Harry was unable to heal Charity after she herself was hit with deathbolts in "Red Rain".


Charity's Version: Damnatio ad mortem tibi.

  • English Translation: I condemn you to death.

Fiona's Unfinished Version: Corpus ab anima defloresce...

  • English Translation: The body of the bloom is...



  • Since this spell was originally cast non-verbally, it was originally thought its effects were the result of an active power, until George Northy confirmed it to be a spell on Twitter.[1]
  • Unlike other spells in the series, the incantation for Deathbolts can differ between casters.
  • Deathbolts can manifest before the caster says the incantation, usually as a means of intimidation or as a threat.
  • It is currently unknown if immortal beings, such as demons, are capable of being killed with this spell.
  • Deathbolts seem to be similar to the infamous killing curse from the world of Harry Potter.



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