Deflection is the power to redirect magical attacks back to their users.


The users of this power are able to deflect both active powers (like Temporal Stasis) and offensive spells back to their users, throwing them back or knocking them out in the process.


In Jingle Hell, Hunter Caine, in the form of Harry Greenwood, used this power to deflect Mel Vera's magic when she tried to freeze him, knocking her back.

Hunter was strong enough in Ambush to deflect spells from several Elders, due to him having absorbed the Harbinger of Hell. The deflection caused a magical shockwave to erupt in the area, destroying all the lights and knocking back everyone present except for Hunter himself.

List of Users

Original Power

References to the Original Charmed

  • This was a rare power that was only bestowed upon one witch per generation. In 2001, this power belonged to a witch named Vivian, but was stolen by a warlock when he killed her.
    • Similarly to Mel, the warlock, Eames, threw Piper back when she tried to freeze him.



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