Demon Dogs are beast-like, lower-level demonic canines that are employed by other demons (typically possessed humans). Mel Vera stated that there was about a thousand different demonic dogs in the Book of Shadows.


In "Pilot", Maggie Vera faced one of these creatures just after she discovered that she was a witch. The demon hunted her down and harmed her, but she was able to escape due to a group of drunk men arriving on the scene.

In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", Maggie and Mel Vera attempted to use a powerful, yet dangerous spell to find their missing sister, Macy Vaughn. The spell required the two to say the incantation over three items that belonged to Macy. However, the spell went wrong during their first two attempts to cast it, summoning a demonic hound that tried to attack them. The sisters were eventually able to figure out the spell, and this time the hound was reduced to a docile dog.

In "Past is Present" and "The Rules of Engagement", many such dogs are shown at the disposal of the demons guards which defend the territory of the Demon Overlord's manor in Switzerland.

Physical Appearance

Demon dogs appear as ordinary dogs in order to attract potential victims, only revealing their true nature when the prey gets close enough. In their demonic form, their eyes seem to become black and release some sort of black substance as well and the teeth in their mouths sharpen extensively, providing a green ooze-like substance.

Powers and Abilities

  • Limited Shapeshifting: Demon dogs use this power to shift between the form of an ordinary dog and their true demonic form.
  • Sensing: Demon dogs are able to track their target.


  • Demon dogs are most likely inspired by hellhounds, mythological dogs that guard the entrances of the afterlife and hunt lost souls.


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