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Godric found me, said I could "unite the Demon World" because of who my dad was. The Caine name meant something, apparently.
— Demon Overlord (Parker Caine)

The Demon Overlord is an old demonic myth that is used by Abigael Jameson-Caine to instil fear into fellow demons. She believes it is her job as Overlord to unite the demon world by ending war between all of the demon bloodlines.

Parker Caine briefly took the role from his sister and used the alias with the hope of ending the war between demons and witches. Abigael, on the other hand, believed Parker to be weak, unworthy and under the control of Maggie Vera, leading her to taking back the title from Parker.

The demon Godric seems to have taken the role of righthand man to the Overlord. Initially finding Parker worthy of the role as the Overlord, Godric began working with Abigael after Parker was reunited with Maggie.

Later, Godric staged a coup and now, when Abigael and Parker are hiding from the demonic world, he himself is aiming for the place of the Overlord.


The Demon Overlord is an old demonic myth regarding a demon that will reunite all demons and bring about the extinction of witches.




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