The Desenmascarar Spell is a spell that reveals a hidden door. It was created by Jada Shields and Marisol Vera to reveal the door to the Sarcana's hidden lair. It was located in the Book of Shadows. The Charmed Ones found a second use in revealing the door to enter the Command Center in Seattle.


Mel used it three times to open a secret door located in the Mystic Mayhem Tattoo Parlor.

After forcefully being moved to Seattle, the sisters later began using it to reveal the doorway leading to The Command Center in SafeSpace.


Descubre el camino secreto.


Reveal the hidden path.


  • The spell was located on page 672 of the Book of Shadows.
  • Desenmascarar is Spanish for "to unmask". This spell allowed Mel to unmask the door that brought her to the Sarcana's hidden lair.
  • This spell is similar to the To Create a Door spell from the original series.
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