Dimensions or Realities are self-contained universes and the collection of all dimensions constitute the multiverse[1]. The ability to travel between dimensions is typically only possible through certain powers such as teleportation, portaling, reality warping, and with the use of spells and/or potions.


The nature, size and general overview of a dimension vary. While some dimensions, such as the Earth, are enormous and home to a variety of magical and mundane species, other dimensions are far more compressed.

Some dimensions can be nightmarish and hostile to human life, such as The Underworld and Tartarus.

Dimensions can also be created by magic such as the Enchanted Mirror World and can also be made to resemble locations in Earth. This type was particularly favored by the Elders.[2] While merged with The Source of All Evil, Macy was able to create several realities through warping reality.

Types of Dimensions

Astral Plane

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The astral plane is a magical dimension seemingly composed of swirling blue light. Little is known about it, though witches can trap targets in it for a short period of time.

Enchanted Mirror World

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This dimension is contained within an enchanted mirror, very likely created by Marisol Vera. It's used to keep the Prism of Souls safe, due to its dangerous ability to absorb the powers of her daughters.

The Underworld

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The Underworld is a realm of dark magic inhabited by demons and where they can regroup to plot to attack witches.

Macy's Alternate Realities

When Macy became the Source, she used the power of Reality Warping to create various alternate realities.

  • A world where Marisol was alive and Mel and Maggie were aware of their magical heritage. In this reality, Marisol started to die due to meeting Macy, as per her agreement with Knansie that she could never meet her daughter again.
  • A world where Mel was the child that Marisol abandoned. Mel grew up to become an Uber driver and was aware of her magical powers. Macy was very possessive of her mother which caused her relationship with Maggie to become distant.
  • A dystopian timeline where Marisol never sought necromancy to resurrect her daughter.


  • In the original series, dimensions were known as planes of existence, the number of which was eleven. Time between these planes often flowed differently from other planes, particularly in comparison to the Material Plane.
  • In the original series, it was possible to deny entry to a particular plane unless one possessed a very specific power. This was a major plot point, as demons and warlocks tried to steal the Whitelighters' power of Orbing in order to infiltrate the Heavens.


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