Don't Look Back in Anger is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Charmed and the forty episode of the series overall. It premiered on April 17, 2020.


PAST AND PRESENT – An urgent problem leads Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) to seek help from their father, while Macy (Madeleine Mantock) discovers a shocking secret about her past. Also starring Rupert Evans and Jordan Donica.


The sisters are trying to tell Harry who he really is. He doesn’t remove anything and insists he is Jimmy. All he can remember is the phrase “a forty stone parasite.” The sisters have no idea what that is. Jimmy wants out so the sisters put a spell on him so he can’t leave. Mel thinks their dad can help. Maggie is annoyed, she didn’t know they were talking. Suddenly, she feels sick and collapses.

Harry continues to try and escalate his bubble while Macy whips up a potion. They talk, she keeps trying to tell him who he is and how he is a good man. They were a team.

Maggie is stable, telling Mel that her arms felt like they were on fire. Ray calls. Mel heads to meet him in Cancun.

Macy tells Harry she needs to rub a potion on him. He can’t run. The spell will help with his memory. Macy starts to put the potion on him when she is blown back. She comes to for a second before falling into another realm, she is performing on stage, singing to a crowd.

Maggie is struggling at home when Jordan finds her. He sits her down and has her breath through her mouth. He asks her about her panic attacks. She tells him that isn’t what this is, it’s magical. He tells her that what she appears to be having is a panic attack. He asks her what has been going on. She shares what has been happening but denies it was a panic attack.

Harry works to wake Macy but she is unconscious on the floor. Maggie is back home. Mel and Ray arrive.

Harry looks like he may be making a run for it when he sees a picture of him and the sisters around the house. Meanwhile, Macy is in another realm when she uses her powers to push away a guy who is hitting on her at the bar. She looks surprised by her powers.

In search of the forty parasites, Mel and Ray take off to Brazil. Maggie tells them she is sitting this one out. Harry goes back to help Macy. In her other world, Macy is being yelled at by her father for coming home so late and not having focus. She sits and cries. She tells her dad some guy hit on her at the bar and she lost control. Fire came out of her hands. She thinks she is crazy. He tells her she is tired. She wakes later that night to her Dad on the phone telling someone what they thought would happen to Macy finally happened.

Mel and Ray are back. Maggie has been looking into forty stone parasites. Harry was delirious. What he was telling them about was an abandoned power plant.

Jordan calls Macy to check on Maggie. Harry answers and he is confused as to how to use the phone. He is yelling when Macy starts to convulse, Jordan tells him he will be right there.

Ray, Mel, and Maggie arrive at the power plant they believe the faction is using. On their walk to the plant, Maggie starts to have a panic attack.

In the other realm, Macy’s dad brings her into the living room. There is a sheet hanging. Someone is on the other side. She begins to talk to Macy. It is her mother. She lunges at the sheet. Her dad stops her. She cannot do that because of the necromancer who put a spell on them, forcing them to be apart.

Jordan arrives to see Harry. He is holding Macy who looks at peace like she is dreaming. Meanwhile, Maggie finally tells Mel about her panic attack. Ray shares that when she was a kid she had them. She gets upset. All the lies in their family is horrible. She begins to yell at them when her powers expand and take out the guards. Ray tells her they need to get into the plant and when they get home he will help fill in the missing pieces of her life.

Macy isn’t breathing. Jordan tries to save her while her mom talks to her through the other side of the sheet about controlling her emotions. Her mom leaves.

While trying to save Macy, Jordan notices a cut on Harry. They realize that the only way to save Macy is to cut the thing out of Harry’s neck. Harry doesn’t want to but then offers himself up to save Macy,

Ray, Mel, and Maggie get inside the plant and pretend they are there for a demo. Jordan cuts a chip out of Harry’s neck. Harry returns to his normal self while Macy awakes. Harry knows Maggie and Mel are in trouble.

Maggie, Mel, and Ray end up in lockdown. Men move in with guns. Julian arrives. They escape as fast as they can. He must know who and what they are now.

The sisters talk. Macy tells them what she learned. She cries. She saw Harry and he was sweet and kind. They all decide they are going to take Julian down.

Ray is waiting for Maggie. He tells her he loves her and she is his daughter. It doesn’t matter if she isn’t his biological daughter. Macy goes to see Harry. She is fine now. She has clarity and she doesn’t want to overthink anymore about them. They dance and kiss, laughing.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


  • Camden Filtness as Classmate
  • Stephen Adekolu as Lead Guard
  • Michael Meneer as Stuart
  • Jesse Pierce as Faction Guard #1
  • Tommy Europe as Faction Guard #2

Magical Notes


  • Containment Spell
    • Used by The Charmed Ones to contain an amnesiac Harry.
  • Containment Releasing Spell
    • Used by Macy to disable the containment spell around an amnesiac Harry.
  • Lost Memory Balm
    • Used by Macy in an attempt to restore Harry's memory, which backfired due to the chip placed in Harry's head, causing a huge blow back and causing Macy to fall under the spell instead.


  • Purification Tea
    • Used by Maggie in an attempt to calm her panic attack while under the impression it was being caused by poison.


  • Emotional Inception: Expansion of Maggie's primary power. Used to project her emotions onto two guards.
  • Healing: Used by Harry to heal Macy.
  • Memory Erasure: Used by Harry in a flashback to wipe Macy's memory.
  • Molecular Acceleration: Used by Mel to burn out the control panel of a door in order to open it.
  • Orbing: Used by Harry in an attempt to orb him and Macy to Fort Easton, but failed due to Darklighter poison. Used by Harry in a flashback to orb to Marisol.
  • Pyrokinesis: Accidentally used by young Macy to light up a classmate’s shirt.
  • Portal Creation: Used by Mel, Ray, and Maggie through the system at the Command Center.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Macy to move a large trunk to block the attic door.


  • Memory Blocking Chip: A small device that the Faction implanted in Harry's head. This chip blocked Harry's memory of life as a Whitelighter, until Jordan removed it from his head.


Answered Questions from Previous Episode(s)

  • Will Harry regain his memories?
    • Macy attempted to use a memory restoring spell to recover Harry's lost memory. With Jordan's help to remove the magic-blocking chip in his head, his memory successfully returned.

Unanswered Questions

References to the Original Charmed

  • Ray mentioned a therapist named Dr. Gordon. In the original, Piper's boyfriend in season two was named Dan Gordon.
  • Macy remembered meeting Harry once when she was twenty-two before he wiped her memory. This is a nod toward the original show from when Leo admitted to watching over Piper since infancy, and when they were lovers in their past incarnations.
  • When Macy remembered her past, she found out that she had pyrokinesis, her demon side power. This is similar to the original when Leo took Paige into the past and she discovered that she was always capable of orbing, which was her Whitelighter side power, but both Macy and Paige had forgotten about it.
  • Maggie reflected her emotions by accident and made two guards turn on each other. In the comic book version of the original Charmed, Phoebe developed a similar power, calling it "Psychic Reflection", which allowed her to manipulate people's emotions, including intensifying them so high that it could kill them.
  • Harry suffers from amnesia, and doesn't remember who he is. His original counterpart Leo also developed amnesia, after being put through a trial by the Elders in the episode "The Seven Year Witch".
  • The amnesiac Harry accidentally answers Jordan's call when he tries to take out Macy's smartphone from her pocket. As he got the memories of the original James Westwell, he is not familiar with the technology of the current era and awkwardly handles the gadget. This scene is almost similar to the scene where Phoebe tried to call Prue to warn her about Matthew Tate in "The Witch is Back". Melinda Warren accidentally turned off the answering machine when she attempted to answer her call.
  • When the sister join hands together, their pose, as well as the camera view, matches the original Charmed Ones positions, when they summoned the Angel of Destiny, in the episode "Vaya Con Leos".
  • There was discussion about Maggie suffering panic attacks as a child after Ray left. In the original, Piper used to have night terrors caused due to the same reason.
  • While suffering from a panic attack, Maggie is holding a jar called Piper methysticum. Piper was the name of one of the Charmed Ones, in the original series.

Production Notes


Maggie (to Ray and Mel): I am pissed. And I am hurt. And I'm tired of pretending that I'm not.

Jordan: Having a panic attack doesn't mean you're weak. It just means you're human.




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