The Door Sealing Spell is a spell that is used to magically seal a closed door, preventing entry into a room.


The spell requires an incantation and a potion to be blown toward the door in order to take affect. The spell can be cast in unison by two witches, one saying the incantation and the other utilizing the potion.

It has been shown that a being that is strong enough can break through this spell. As the spell only seals the door that it is cast on, a being can attempt to enter a room by busting through the wall. Alternatively, it is also possible for a being to get through the door before the spell is completed.


In "Safe Space", Macy and Mel attempt to used this spell in order to seal the door to the attic of the Vera Manor to keep the hooded assassin out. However, he was eventually able to break through the spell, bust down the door and teleported inside.

In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", Maggie used the spell on Macy’s bedroom door to stop a dog she and Mel had accidentally conjured with a botched Absum Veri Spell from getting in. However, the hound decided to instead attempt to enter the room by crashing against the wall next to the door, and eventually did, just before Mel and Maggie managed to cast the Absum Veri correctly and reduce him to a docile dog.

In Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle, Maggie tried to use the spell to keep the Fury out of the attic. The monster knocked the door off its hinges before the spell could take hold.


Sigillum ianuam, el oblinito illud.


Seal the door, seal it.



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