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You can't be thrown off your game if you don't have any. That solo is mine!
— sings Effie as she tries to intimidate Lucy

Effie is a student at Hilltowne University and a member of the Hilltones.


In Witch Perfect, Maggie runs into Lucy, who happens to also be a Hilltone, at a group meeting. Lucy says it’s fine if she stays in the group, as long as she gets the solo. Maggie agrees, but Effie overhears and challenges her. The Hilltone director possessed by The Maestro comes in and feeds the singers a soothing tea that apparently will help their voices.
Later, The Hilltones are practicing a very strange version of a Lauren Hill song. The director picks Maggie for the solo, claiming that her voice will hypnotize them the most. When Effie meets Mr. Miranda and complains, he ends up cutting her from the group, and then sucks out her soul into the Mystiki Flauto, killing her.
Effie's soul is eventually released when the Charmed Ones defeat The Maestro.


Effie is very talented, though also very self-absorbed.

Physical Appearance


  • Singing: Effie is a talented singer who is known for constantly getting the solos within the Hilltones.





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