The Elemental Binding Spell is a spell that is used to call upon the elements to bind a being. It is a type of containment spell.


In "Sweet Tooth", the Charmed Ones attempted to use this spell to bind the Harbinger of Hell. Macy poured water from a bottle onto the ground, Mel threw soil, and Maggie lit a match. However, the spell was interrupted due to Maggie Vera suffering from the consequences of all the magic she had been using for personal gain.


Captus aqua. Captus terra. Captus ignis.


Captured water. Captured earth. Captured fire.


  • It is unknown if this is the complete spell, since it was interrupted before it could be completed.
  • There seems to be no representation of the element of air/wind in this spell, though this could be due to the spell being uncompleted.
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