Elemental Mimicry, also referred to as Elemental Transformation, is the power to take the form of a specific natural element. The users of this ability tend to have one form that they can turn into. The known elemental forms that users are shown to possess are ice/frost, smoke, or shadow.


This power allows the user to imitate an element for a variety of purposes. Most use their elemental form for stealth and to infiltrate hard-to-reach places but some can use their power offensively to weaken their enemies.

Different Elemental Forms

Frost Form

This form allows a user to turn into a body of frost, allowing them to fill up a room and lower the temperature. The demon, Taydeus, used this power to separate the Charmed Ones, obscure their vision, and make it hard for them to breathe.

Smoke Form

This form allows a user to turn into a cloud of smoke, allowing them to travel through the air and even sift through the ground. This is the form possessed by the shapeshifter, Hunter. The first monster created by the Faction had a body consisting of smoke and was also able to travel through the air as smoke similar to Hunter.

Shadow Form

This form allows a user to turn themself into a mass of shadows, letting them become intangible and walk through solid matter. This is the form that all Shadow Demons possess and is the form of the half-demon, Parker.


Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.



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