Emotional Energy Manipulation is the power to convert emotion into raw energy. This power is an expansion of empathy.[1]


This expansion was first manifested after Maggie was inspired by Harry's message of "Let love be your strength", she used the combined magical strength and bond of her and her sisters to create a ball of blue energy, which transformed into a powerful force field that not only protected them from Alastor's pyrokinetic attack, but also repelled him away. However, at that time, they did not realize that it was a new power development, and Harry assumed it as a spell.[2]

Maggie later realized it as an advancement of her original power when it manifested a second time - during an intense sexual experience with Parker, her innate fear caused an energy blast to manifest between her legs, sending Parker flying across the room.[3]

The channeled emotion is not limited to the emotion of the user solely, but could also be the collective emotion of a group of people. The raw energy created from the emotion can act as both defensive or offensive measure, allowing the user to block attacks and to potentially blast opponents away.

Branches of Emotional Energy Manipulation

Force Field Generation

The defensive side of this power allowed Maggie to generate a force-field, by using the emotion of love, to defend herself and her sisters from Alastor. When the Charmed Ones use this power, their eyes turn white.

Energy Blasts

The offensive side of this power allowed Maggie to generate an energy blast, by using the emotion of fear, to send Parker flying across the room during a sexual experience.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spells, artifacts, power stealing, etc.




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