Why can't I tell what you're feeling? I want to. I mean that's my power, reading minds and I can sense feelings when I do it.
Maggie describes her power to the imposter demon masquerading as her mother in Let This Mother Out

Empathic Telepathy (or Telepathic Empathy)[1] is the power to hear the thoughts as well as sense the emotions of others. It is a form of telepathy that can be harnessed through empathy. As people's thoughts are often influenced by their emotions, an empath's power may extend to allow them to read minds as well, acting as a mixture of both empathy and telepathy.


Empathic Telepathy requires the user to make tactical contact with their target in order to channel their power. Clothing does not act as a barrier to this ability, meaning that the users do not need skin-to-skin contact to make an empathic connection, only the close proximity of touch. It has been suggested that listening to one's 'inner voice' is the key to being able to control this ability. Without control, the possessor of this ability will continually hear the thoughts of anyone they come into physical contact with.

The users of this ability are also able to project their thoughts into the minds of another being to conduct telepathic conversations. This may also extend to allow users to subtly influence the minds of others by projecting their thoughts into their target's mind. Empaths are also able to potentially have their power grow to allow them to hear the thoughts and emotions of the recently deceased and commune with spirits.

Some beings, such as the imposter demon that impersonated Marisol Vera, are immune to this power. This power would also be ineffective when the feelings of the user are blocked, for example through the use of protection spell against hurt.

Expansions of Empathic Telepathy

Thought Manipulation

An expansion of the telepathic branch of this power, it allows users to subtly influence the minds of other beings with their thoughts. While not exactly the same as mesmerizing others, an empath can use their power to get through to people[2]; for example, this was seen when Maggie projected her thoughts into Macy's mind to convince Macy to not kill Cyd[3], and Maggie's influence helped Parker and Harry to resist the effects of Chloe's pixie dust.[4] Maggie was also able to stop Harry from choking her when he was kept in a control shackle by Fiona Callahan.[5]

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.


  • In the original series, telepathy and empathy were completely separate powers, however, in the reboot, witches with the power of empathy can develop a form of telepathy from their original power.
  • In the episode, Bug a Boo, Maggie was able to read the thoughts of a colony of Cicada demons even though time was frozen, suggesting a mistake in the writing or that Mel's power to freeze time isn't all encompassing.



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