Empath is the term used for a witch who has the power of empathy, meaning they are able to feel the emotions of others and read their thoughts.

Book of Shadows Entry

Empathic Surges
See: empath, side attributes

Regarding the initial entries on empathic powers, especially those occurring naturally in a witch, there are endless possibilities to use and enhance this enigmatic power.

- temporarily amplifies powers

One in particular is an empathic surge, when under the correct circumstances, an empath can “Super charge” her powers to best suit her needs.

→ If done before mastery of the empathic craft: Consequences may occur!!

For Example:
It has been known that a soul transference between two witches may occur when an empath’s powers accelerate beyond her control...

Vortex Viribus → separation

- an empath who has mastered her power can easily reverse this transference.

- an empath who has not will need to come to true understanding of the other witches mind, body & soul.

Vortex Viribus –

- used to amplify an aspect of a witch or magical being or

- an attribute supercharging and accelerating exponentially.

Known Empaths



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