After all, what is empathy if not walking in another woman's shoes.

Empathy is the power to sense and feel the emotions of others. The users of this power are labeled as empaths. Empathy is generally an "umbrella" term used to refer to any ability pertaining to projecting, sensing or manipulating emotions, including feelings, moods and their affects.


This power is directly related to emotions and, at the very basic level, allows its user to access the emotions of oneself or others. There are various empathic abilities, all involving sensing and manipulating emotions. Most users tend to channel their power through their hands.

Branches from Empathy

Empathic Telepathy

Empathic Telepathy is a form of telepathy, the ability to access the mind of other beings, that can be harnessed through empathy. As people's thoughts are often influenced by their emotions, an empath's power may extend to allow its user to read minds as well as sense emotions, acting as a mixture of both empathy and telepathy. The users of this power are also able to project their thoughts into the minds of another being to conduct telepathic conversations or to subtle influence another's mind. This ability can further develop into a form of spiritual empathic telepathy to allow the users to sense the emotions and hear the thoughts of spirits as well. If the feelings of the user are blocked, this ability will become ineffective. Some beings, such as the imposter demon that impersonated Marisol Vera, are immune to this power.

Emotional Energy Manipulation

Some users of empathy may develop the ability to channel emotion and manifest it into raw energy. The channeled emotion is not limited to the emotion of the user solely, but could also be the collective emotion of a group of people. The raw energy created from the emotion can be manipulated in both a defensive or offensive measure, allowing the user to block attacks and to potentially blast opponents away.

Soul Transference

Soul Transference is a branch of empathy that allows the user to switch bodies with another being. It is very rare and highly leveled ability that only powerful empaths can achieve.

Emotional Inception

This branch of empathy allows the user to project their own emotions onto another, causing the individual to feel the same emotion. Maggie developed this expansion after having her other empathic powers rendered dormant.[1]

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.


  • This power was first labeled as telepathy (the ability to read thoughts) but the writers of the shows clarified that Maggie's mind-reading abilities were an extension of her empathy (the ability to feel emotions).[2]


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