Energy Ball Generation is the power to create and project balls of energy, which resemble electrical discharges. The energy ball is formed through the hands and is used to attack a target.


The user can form a sphere of glowing electrical energy with the palm of their hands through sheer concentration. Their eyes would glow with power during the formation.

After the energy ball is fully formed, it can be thrown at a direct target. The intensity of the energy in the orb depends on the user's own level of power and skill, though it would seem the energy balls can be quite deadly to mortals and magical beings, unless the target is resistant to such an attack, evident when Godric survived being hit by an energy ball from Parker.

Known Users

Original power


  • Parker is the first, and so far only, being shown creating and throwing an energy ball in the reboot series.
  • The ability to create and throw energy balls was a very common power used by demons, and in some cases witches and other beings, in the original Charmed series.


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