It looks like a Santeria-based spell. Unsanctioned by the Elders.
Harry when the ritual reveals itself to the Charmed Ones

The Exorcism Ritual was a ritual that was created by Marisol Vera who prophesized that her daughters would need it to save the life of Angela Wu, whom had been possessed by the Harbinger of Hell.


Due to her power of prophecy, Marisol knew that the Charmed Ones would need this this ritual. Using Santería, which was unsanctioned by the Elders, Marisol crafted this ritual and hid it with an enchantment so it only would appear when the Charmed Ones were together.[1]

Book of Shadows Entry

The objective of this spell is to separate the Harbinger from its human vessel ~ restoring the humans soul and trapping the Harbinger in its primordial form.
If the full moon is reaching full strength, extra magical and physical protections may need to be taken before spell is performed.
Instructions - This spell requires an enchanted vessel to trap the Harbinger once it's exorcise. Whomever contains the Harbinger will become the only being able to release it from its entrapment. the Charmed Ones must lay hands on the Harbinger's host and recite the following.

(after the lines of spell at the bottom there is a note)
Once complete, the human vessel be free!


Hago un llamado a Babalú-Ayé, dios de los enfermos, para que inhabilite a este demonio. Remueva la fuerza que tiene sobre este inocente. Y Exorcize al Heraldo, permitiendo que paz y tranquilidad regrese al poseido. Sana y renuncia a este adversario del mal. De este apostol de la oscuridad, libranos. El Poder de Tres lo compela. Observa, el Poder de Tres. Observa, el Poder de Tres. Observa, el Poder de Tres...


I call upon Babalú-Ayé, god of the diseased, so that he may disempower this demon. Remove the power that it has over this innocent. And exorcise the Harbinger, allowing peace and tranquility to return to the possessed. Heal and relinquish this enemy of evil. Set us free from this apostle of darkness. The Power of Three compels you. Obey the Power of Three. Obey the Power of Three. Obey the Power of Three...



  • This is the first spell/ritual in the show that is chanted in Spanish. It also calls upon Babalú-Ayé, an Orisha of the Yoruba religion.


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