Flight is the power to defy gravity and propel oneself in any direction through the air.


The users of this ability are able to defy gravity and propel themselves through the air without the assistance of outside forces.

Some, if not all, ghosts have the ability to take on the form of a flying spectre.[1][2]

The natural form of all pixies are that of small glowing creatures with large transparent wings. When in flight, they are appear like fast-flying balls of yellow light and pixie dust.[3]

The demon, Hunter Caine, had the ability to take the form of smoke, allowing him to shift and travel through the air. Combined with his supernatural speed, it created a similar effect to a short-range teleportation.

The primordial form of the demon, The Maestro, was that of a wispy back and green energy that could float through air.[4]

Several carnals are shown to possess the ability to take the form of a swarm of bees, allowing them to fly about and gives similar effects to teleportation. During his vanquish, Alfie was able to stay afloat outside of his bee form for a few moments before finally crumbling away.[5]

Mo and Aladria, otherwise known as the Perfecti, are able to fly by taking the form of bright balls and flashes of energy.

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