Force Field Generation is the power to create and project powerful fields of energy.


This ability has been shown to be used in at least a couple of ways. The users are able to generate force fields to shield against magical attacks, and it has also been shown to be used to prevent beings from entering a location.


In "Keep Calm and Harry On", the Charmed Ones were able to replicate this power by combining Maggie's ability of Emotional Energy Manipulation with the Power of Three. This helped them drive Alastor away.

In "The Replacement", this power is used by the Abiku that had previously possessed Galvin Burdette in order to place a barrier around the Vera Manor to prevent Mel and Maggie Vera, Galvin, and Tessa Flores-Cohen from entering.

In "Source Material", the Charmed Ones used a collective field to deflect Fiona Callahan's deathbolts.

In "Safe Space", when fighting Harry Greenwood's Darklighter, the Charmed Ones tried to use the Power of Three, but he was able to resist it enough that all it did was temporarily contain him in a force field before Harry arrived and orbed the girls away.

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